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Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by leylandi, Jul 30, 2016.
  1. nc8000 Contributor
    Yes you can swap between any of the 7 released fw except the original 1.0.
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  2. proedros
    3.01 is very nice and you have the super huge bonus of being able to use your WM1A as USB-DAC

    a no brainer , imo.
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  3. nc8000 Contributor
    And BT receiver (or did that already exist in earlier fw)
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  4. simon740
    thank you

  5. simon740
    Has anyone tried the FH7 with Sony NW-WM1a?

  6. KurobaHeiji
  7. rcoleman1
    Last edited: Aug 29, 2019
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  8. bflat
    I don't understand the hate for Malaysia. It's not only ignorant, but also insulting to the country. If folks would bother to do a little research like this article:


    One would see that the factories in Malaysia are Sony owned and staffed. All top management are Japan ex-pats with product decisions still made in Sony HQ in Tokyo. The manufacturing is state of the art and the fact that most of the manufacturing is done under one roof improves the quality versus relying on a bunch of 3rd vendors. There is no reason to believe that "made in Japan" has any significance for a Sony product, other than higher price.
  9. Peter Ruby
    Agreed 100%. Quality products are made throughout the entire world. You guys honestly think Sony would let their 3 TOTL DAPs get built there if they knew it was an inferior production plant? Zero chance of that happening.
  10. wazzupi
    Any good comparisons n6ii vs wm1a ?
  11. hamhamhamsta
  12. Jalo
    Features aside and strictly based on sound, is there any consensus as to which version sounds the best?
  13. hamhamhamsta
    3.01 is perfect for me. Although I’m curious with 3.02
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  14. animalsrush
    Only Fuji lenses and Xpro and gfx are made in Japan. XT3 is made in China, but my 16 mm f1.4 Fuji lens is made in Japan . Btw don’t worry sony is ok.. very good product.. enjoy the music

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