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Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by leylandi, Jul 30, 2016.
  1. Whitigir
    AKM4497EQ can play 768Khz and DSD512. However, the DMP-Z1 at the moment doesn’t support DSD512. None Sony portable does...except TA as mentioned by @aminus
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  2. Jalo
    Thanks, I forgot about the S-Master in the TA-ch1es. As the S-Master in the WM1Z is not able to.
  3. Whitigir
    No .... it is the FPGA inside the TA that allows this. It isn’t the S-Master.
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  4. Jalo
    Stand corrected. Again.
  5. Mrcojocaru
    They sound great, but they have a surprising amount of hiss. I used to own this combo and the zx300 was a much better pairing due to the sensitivity. If it's in your budget, get something like the z1r or Anole vx. Better IEMs anyway.
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  6. gerelmx1986
    The Maximum DSD speed I have on my library is DSD 5,6 (one album) the rest is DSD 2.8. I must yet find something I like in DSD 11.2 or DSD 22MHz
    The 1Z is completely turned off every day after use. No NFC & Bluetooth use.
    No eq setting. Display at 10. Volume at 60.
    Battery is charged to 100% (battery saver not checked)
    Listening Mon-Fri 45 mins to 1 hour depending on album length. No scrolling and fidgeting between plays.
    Bought another Z5 with balanced. Playing FLAC 24 bit.
    Storage in a plastic case near window where it’s hot outside (85-95) and room is set to 76 that’s where I think the battery is being preserved. But I could be wrong.

    Last edited: Aug 4, 2019
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  8. gazzington
    Well I've bought a wm1a again as I miss the one I sold. I'm looking for some good iems to go with it without spending a fortune. I like all sorts of music but mainly metal. Any suggestions?
    I like good bass but also lots of detail.
    Now to sell some other daps. I have way to many. Not sure which to sell, as I like them all in different ways
  9. Lookout57
    Campfire Vega
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  10. aisalen
    Final E5000 or Sony N3BP, both does not cost a fortune paired well with WM1A.
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  11. endlesswaves
    Using oBravo's Cupid with my WM1A now. Best rumbling but layered sub bass I've heard from IEMs, clear non recessed mids and slightly rolled but detailed highs. My LCD2C gathering dusts the day the Cupid arrived. Cured my urge to get the IER-Z1R (not as good in the trebles and soundstage but on par or excel on sub bass, mid bass and mids). Best of all, doesn't burn a big hole in my wallet. The best bang of bucks IEM of 2019, IMHO)
  12. gerelmx1986
    @DONTGIVEUP did you try the XBA-H3 in balanced from your Wm1z? How does the sound change? I remember when I had them they had a pretty noticiable mid-bass emphasis that leaked into mids, giving them a hollow signature, a signature like listening to music on a tile-covered room (echoing with so much resonances and standing waves)
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  13. Redcarmoose
    I did not spend that much time with the ZX300 but I also feel the move to the 1A is a realistic goal of end game sound quality.

    To me, I was fully amazed (in a bad way) :) at walking around listening to the lower Sony line below the ZX300 also. I think it’s fairly safe to say you experience a nice upgrade as you go up the line. Though keep in mind Sony is just about to release 2 more players; if I understand things correct?

    I totally agree that size is important and to be truthful I don’t carry the 1A around outside as I feel it is too big. Even the ZX300 seemed too big, so I carry a 6th Gen. IPod Touch around. It’s just that outside it seems hard to fully appreciate sound quality.

    Though if my routine was going outside then walking into buildings and listening............maybe 1A would be worth taking outside? It is also a very important subject to concern yourself with sound signature; as each player in the line sounds different. The ZX300 sounded way different than the 1A. The 1A is, like it has been mentioned Sony Corp’s idea of flat. It’s not totally flat but a super subtle V in comparison to the SX300. I heard the ZX300 with a totally early firmware but it was super-warm. It was warm like the 1Z but didn’t have the treble spike which made it seem even warmer? Probably my preference is the 1Z with the Noble Audio Encore as it makes them special, but the 1A is my favorite with the IER-Z1R?

    I mention this as it’s really all about finding your personal favorite sound along with the synergy with your IEMs. Each player makes the IEMs or headphones sound different when you get down to it.

    Regardless of price here you will find some folks actually preferring the 1A over the 1Z. So you find people simply liking the 1A the best after owning both the 1A and 1Z. Though I don’t think we have read about people selling off their 1A due to liking the ZX300 sound the best? There may be folks who gravitate towards the ZX300 due to size?

    The internal memory is really not an issue. Most anyone can get a $60 400GB card and put it in any player and it works, so internal memory is really a wash now. IMO

    In my personal opinion the 1A is the best deal. It also looks like the two new players will not be sounding better? Though who knows... really????

    But it looks like the 1A and 1Z will stay with the DMP-Z1 at the top of the sonic food chain for awhile. If all I had was the 1A I would be totally happy. I’m not sure I would be happy with only the ZX300.......though I never owned one?

    If someone owned both the 1Z and 1A, it’s a issue of finding synergy with IEMs. If I had only the IER-Z1R, the 1A would be all I would want. But with other IEMs the 1Z offers a slightly thickened soundstage. It’s deeper with more width and physicality too. The 1Z treble and bass boost added to the soundstage makes some IEMs perform at a different level. They simply become more engaging. Though there is different styles of audiophiles. Some audiophiles like a more flat fast sound which 1A does easy. The 1Z is more of an old fashioned HI/Fi sound, like you would get with big 15 inch woofers and a tube amp. The ZX300 is like the sound you get from a low power tube amp, meaning it’s more romantic with artifacts. Though some folks are into that sound?
    Last edited: Aug 5, 2019
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  14. gerelmx1986
    I tried the zx300 here in saturn.de my test was my own FLAC files from my 400GB card, IER-Z1R with stock 4.4 cable.

    The sound of the zx300 was thick, like maple syrup from log cabin brand, had bassier signature than wm1A, I felt I lacked the mids and highs resolution and micro detailing the wm1A provides. I think even it sounded worse than the wm1z I tried in Berlin earlier this year, way thicker signature, reminded me of nwz-a818 back in 2007
  15. Redcarmoose
    I totally agree with your take on the ZX300 sound signature. Very thick. But it’s interesting too, that we never have anyone coming by this thread and explaining how the ZX300 is “better” (than the 1A) with “X” IEM? It never happens and you would think it would?

    There can be times when folks do defend the ZX300 as sounding the same as the 1A in the IER-Z1R thread. And while I have never heard the IER-Z1R and ZX300 together it almost sounds believable that some may feel that way? Though your saying “for the book” that the two players are not comparable to each other with your use, using the IER-Z1R. I will believe what your saying as it makes sense the 1A would win out.

    As you know the 1A and IER-Z1R is a special combination in my collection. It’s just that the IER-Z1R IEM already has a thickness that is almost too much with the 1Z. Though it does work with some “thin” recordings........I sincerely believe the IER-Z1R and 1A combination is more well rounded?

    Plus too, common sense says to me the IER-Z1R would be under-powered by the ZX300..... only adding to the syrup?

    To me the 1A just powers the IER-Z1R on “high-gain” meaning that it’s just about right. Though we are always hearing of people liking the IER-Z1R better out of more powerful DAPs.
    Last edited: Aug 5, 2019

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