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Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by leylandi, Jul 30, 2016.
  1. Dom Isaac
    Hey guys, i'm curious and this might sound stupid but do you guys bring the 1A/1Z out on the streets or this is mainly for home listening?

    and also i may have missed previous posts about music streaming apps with it but just needed to clarify if it's possible? for eg. phone pairs 1A/1Z via bluetooth and output spotify with it
  2. aminus
    Mainly outdoor use
    That’s possible.
  3. Redcarmoose
  4. nc8000 Contributor
    Out and about I use my iPhone and BT in ears. The 1Z is primarily for hotel room use on work travel and hollidays
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  5. rgutierr
    I dont have mine yet but i will use it outdoors everywhere i go like i did with ZX1 and ZX2 XD. They become a part of me
  6. helljudgement
    Yep it is possible. I use the BT receiver function a lot and find little to no loss in quality when streaming flac files from my phone.
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  7. Dom Isaac
    Thanks for the replies guys! I will want to bring it out if i were to own one but i'm just worried that might be too cumbersome. I guess it'll be all worth it when i get a chance to audition this beautiful brick. Is there a specific format for the SD card for it to read? Apparently I got a hold on the 1Z early this year but it couldn't read my SD card for some reason. My card is in exFat. Any thoughts on this?
  8. aminus
    My card was formatted to ExFat for the longest time and it had no problems reading it. Most likely the issue is that you need to have all your files stored under a folder labeled MUSIC in the root directory in order for the 1Z to pick up your files.
  9. Dom Isaac
    Ah i see. Thanks!
  10. phonomat
    For me personally, the 1Z would be far too heavy for that, but I use my 1A outside frequently (even if it's already on the heavy side for a dap).
  11. aisalen
    You have no problem bring 1A with you anytime, but I suggest to use iem instead of hp.
  12. proedros
    also moved from zx2 to wm1a , the upgrade is real

    1 - get screen protector / case.
    2- install FW 3.01
    3 - get a good 4.4 cable
    4 - burn wm1a in for 200 (and up to 500) hours
    5 - enjoy music
  13. meomap
    1Z + WH1000mx3 ANC hp = walking the dog daily.
    Sometimes 1Z + K10C
    Sometimes 1Z + Encore
    Main core 1Z + ALO CDM + Khan = OMG
  14. buzzlulu
    I am still a bit confused over this. My understanding is that if the Tidal app on my iPhone is set to store/stream full resolution files (16/44) then even though it is wirelessly streaming via Bluetooth to my 1Z it is STILL USING the AAC codec within the stream. In other words the music files are being streamed AAC - so in reality they are not being received by the 1Z (and thus being sent to a wired headphone) as full uncompressed files. They are via the AAC codec - so by nature "compromised". Whether one hears a difference or not is a different story.

    Am I understanding the technical concept correctly?

    This is why I am connecting my iPhone to the 1Z via the Apple CCK/USB cable.
  15. bflat
    That is correct. Alternative for BT streaming is Android Phone with LDAC which would be lossless 16/44 bit rate.

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