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Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by leylandi, Jul 30, 2016.
  1. iron2k
    What can you say about SP2000 vs WM1A and 1Z ???
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  2. Kitechaser
    Make sure to try the 1Z with your iems first. It's bass is layered in a very interesting way, to where it creates the appearance of a lot of depth.
    This signature if paired with iems that have good synergy, sounds absolutely great, but with others it can be a hit or miss.
    When I listened to it, I was seriously considering buying it, but when paired with my driver it was not a good match, the signature became a bit harsh, and the layering sounded like heavy DSP.
    1A and 1Z have a different tuning, that is they can coexist, and offer very different takes on your music. One is not necessarily better than the other.
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  3. Quadfather
    I am strictly headphones now I got rid of all my iems
  4. bflat
    I don't know of any DAPs that can truly drive a wide range of full size headphones. You may want to consider adding a Woo Audio WA11 to your portable rig. I generally use it in just amp mode with my WM1z being the source. The combo drives my HD820 with desktop level authority.
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  5. Jalo
    On the contrary, I am almost strictly an iem person now even though I still have my Utopia, Focal Clear, HD800, and ED8. Last time I listened to the Empirean on the DMP and compared that to my Z1R or Trinity, I so much preferred my iems better. I think I am more drawn to the personal feel of the iems over that of the fullize headphones. Fullsize headphones though have a larger sound (but not that much bigger than some of my iems like Lab2, JVC FW10K, for instance, they are never able to produce that sense of intimacy for me which is a critical element in vocal listening. I think if I am a classical music person, fullsize is great.

    As for the comparison between the SP2000, and 1a/1Z, First of all I love my 1Z and agree that it is very warm, smooth and musical, whereas the 1A is more neutral, cleaner and a little brighter than the 1Z. To me the SP2000 represents the combination of the best elements from both 1A and 1Z. It has more power, clean power I should say, than both. May be because everything is so clean but not bright or harsh with the SP2000, you just feel like so so close to the music. It is at least equal to the DMP if not better by one degree of veil. I am thinking it is the new totl AKM DAC that is the difference. The different when compare to the AKM 4497eq, it has a sweetness to it. It is liquid smooth but highly resolve without sacrificing any nuances. The being there sensation is very strong. In contrast to my 1Z, the SP2K represents a different feel of music to me. My iems seem to have more PRaT and dynamic to them, I do not know if it is because of the increased power or the different with the Dac, but I like to have that variation of sound in my stable. I will never let go of my 1Z but adding the SP2k seems to complete the sound character that seems to be missing for me.

    And for those who is looking to get the 1Z, I will still go and get one now before they are gone from the used market. It is a classic for many years to come regardless of what Sony come out next. I just sold my nearly new 1Z for below 50% of MSRP. I think it is the best deal on the market now.
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  6. Jalo
    Khan Cube is the only one it is even more powerful than the WA11
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  7. bflat
    True, it seems the Khan Cube has started shipping. Definitely looks good on paper. Doubt the amp is full Class A like the WA11 though.
  8. Quadfather
    The LPG seems to drive my AKG K812 well. The Shure SRH1540s are pretty easy. I don't think I'm going to widen out too far in headphones, since I already like the ones that I have.
  9. r00t61
    I picked up a 1Z from a fellow headfier. Still waiting to get my IER M9 so I can try the balanced out.

    The weight of the 1Z is truly absurd; upon first picking it up I felt like I was taking crazy pills. But I got used to it quickly enough.

    Unfortunately I did end up experiencing the lag that another poster mentioned when using the 1Z as a DAC from my PC. Which is too bad - guess that means I'll be sticking with a dedicated sound card in my next PC build.

    On the 1Z, is there a way to quickly perform a search for a piece of music, like on the interface for the NW-ZX2? I used that feature constantly...
  10. bflat
    Try Bluetooth receiver mode. I've found SBC codec to be pretty watchable with slight lag and AAC there is no lag. Haven't been able to try LDAC though. Unfortunately, receive mode doesn't support AptX.
  11. Jalo
    At Socal Can Jam at the AK table, some guys were trying out the Khan Cube with his LCD4 and he let me play with it also. The cube easily handled the LCD4 with plenty of headroom to spare. We also tried the HD800 and one other fullsize I cannot remember the brand now, all easily driven on high gain 2.5 balance before it reaches three quarter of the volume pot.
  12. ttoan91
    OMG, seem it's a bargain with that price tag for such a power like that.
  13. rgutierr
    hi all :) long time lurker first time poster. Just bought me an WM1A after my wifes ZX1 died and i agreed to pass on my ZX2 to her. Very excited :) am i in for a very nice upgrade with this from the ZX2? any specific things i should watch out for? Australian/asian model, btw so no volume cap iirc :)
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  14. aminus
    Prepare to buy lots of 4.4 cables or reterminate everything you have to 4.4.
  15. Whitigir
    Hahaha, thanks for the laugh. I know it is serious, but it is so funny

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