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Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by leylandi, Jul 30, 2016.
  1. Whitigir
    It rivals desktop DAC/Amp, and yet you can have it sit next to you without plugging in. It has created it own market, and competitions respond is starting to trigger in, such as Kann Cube, and upcoming DX220Max.

    The differences is that DMP is a statement pieces of Sony, where as the others are just coming into the new opened market to share the pies
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  2. Quadfather
    Is anybody here loving a Sony/Shure SRH1540 combination? So intoxicating.
  3. Whitigir
    High-res is a marketing tool, and again can neither be confirmed nor denied to be a gimmick. But as a marketing tool, it just works!
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  4. KuroKitsu
    I think I can be the sole exemption for now. The DMP is a blistering 12K CAD and even thought I got to demo it when I picked up the 1A (it's fabuluous to say the least).

    Not sure my skull can survive a frying pan from the missus.
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  5. Vitaly2017

    You can get 1z and ier-1z for half the dmp price and that combo gona sound equal to dmp you know )

    Wonder how these two compete valkyrie vs iet-1z hmmmm ?

    They bothe kinda similar and try to attemp the same spec and frequency range too. Dont know how neather of bothe sounds yet (
  6. Kitechaser
    DMP-Z1 blows the Sony TA-ZH1ES/1A/1Z out of the water. There is no comparison to anything else I have heard as of yet.
    I made the mistake of listening to it, and I constantly think about it months later.
    It's hard to describe the sound, it just takes that big step closer to a live performance, it sounds like listening to music on hallucinogenics, just super holographic 3 dimensional sound with true to life depth.
    I don't know what it sounds like with BA or DD drivers, but with my planar iem it was a wild wild ride.

    Add: to my ears it was more like seeing the music, instead of hearing it (I know it sounds crazy).
    I have to go back for a second take at some point.
    Last edited: Jul 22, 2019
  7. raymogi
    Agreed on this 100%.

    I keep restricting myself to not buy that Van Nuys case for the DMP to make it more “portable”. Cause if I do that, I will take it everywhere that it is still possible to do so.

    And by doing that, my other DAP will never get play time anymore. Currently I have the DMP just in the table of my home office.
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  8. Kitechaser
    It's a true DAP Killer. I don't blame you for not getting a case for it :)
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    I am figuring out my choices in getting some kind of an glass/plastic enclosure to get for this thing once I purchase it, as I live at a forests edge on a hill.
  10. Quasimodosbelfry
    Like this?​
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  11. Quadfather
    It is beyond my reach too. Even if I won the lottery, I would feel "funny" about spending that amount on a portable headphone amp. I have been fairly successful in getting excellent results by finding source/headphone synergies and exploiting them.
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  12. Quadfather
    My wife would go for the other end! LOL Can you say eunuch?
  13. bflat
    Those of you thinking about expensive upgrades - make sure you are listening to your current system when you are browsing information on potential upgrades. At least for me, this does a good job of scratching "the itch" to upgrade. This should help when considering upgrades purely on a audio quality basis. If you like what you have, it will curb your desire to upgrade. If your current system has something that you don't like, it will only amplify that flaw. This practice works well for me LOL.

    My current system of choice is the WM1z and 64 Audio Tia Fourte. Just an amazing audio system in a compact and comfortable package.
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  14. Quadfather
    I am aiming for a Sony NW - WM1Z to go along with my Shure SRH1540 headphones with their balanced cable.
  15. captblaze
    I just asked my wife if she would like to contribute to an advanced Sony player for "our" enjoyment.

    her response,,,

    what does it cost?

    my response..

    ultra portable - $3199 msrp
    kinda portable - $8499 msrp

    her next response

    I only have one kidney to sell, so if you want the kinda portable Sony you will need to sell a kidney also

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