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Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by leylandi, Jul 30, 2016.
  1. Quadfather
    Thanks. I never even thought about that. I still want that beautiful gold Sony at some point.
  2. Lookout57
    And you won't regret it.
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  3. Quadfather
    I have thought about selling the LPG but I love that too much to get rid of.
  4. timeslip
    I have both, and it is a constant struggle which one I like more. The LPGT sounds more natural, and would probably be my choice. Except it doesn’t support basic things like m3u or any kind of offline playlist option and the battery life isn’t as good. If you can live without those two things, then LPGT all the way.
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  5. Quadfather
    Battery life is a pretty big consideration for me. I listen to a lot of Graphic Audio, audiobooks with sound effects, music, and voice actors. Some of them can run 8 hours, but I put music in the middle of it sometimes to take a break. I will probably just keep my non-touch Lotoo Paw Gold 2017 and save my coins for the gold Sony.
    Last edited: Jul 21, 2019
  6. Vitaly2017

    Hmmm so this means you sold your ibasso gear and no more 1a and 1z. You only got DMP power now?

    I am wondering how good is that dx220 is it even worth the move to buy and try it? The tube amp is tempting lol but Anoying hiss from dx200 killed my interest in ibasso forever. Some reviewers say dx220 has almost no hiss but I am skeptical.
    Plus 1z sound is very smoothe dx200 was harsh to my ears.
    Wm1z is the closest sound to my most beloved hdv820 dac amp from sennheiser...
  7. Whitigir
    Are you seeking for the next toy ? Away from 1Z ?
  8. Vitaly2017

    No not yet.

    For now 1z is the king. But there is new toys in the backyard playing around it gets irritating to not knowing if its good or not.

    I think 1z as a portable dap is really hard to beat and if I want to upgrade the only way to do it is probably the hugo2 portable.

    How does the dmp sound? Far a head of 1z?
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  9. Whitigir
    I kept saying it, but I will repeat it. DMP is Wm1Z on adrenaline, it is slightly warmer than WM1Z, but much more powerful, and with gigantic soundstage that totally will drown you in the music. The smoothness that you hold 1Z in well regard, I know exactly what it is, and if it is what you are seeking then even Chord Dave will pale in comparison to DMP. I am not sure how Hugo2 would do for you vs 1Z. Probably not that smoothness but Hugo2 May have an up hand in soundstage and power delivery. Give them all a try and decide for yourself

    Don’t listen to DMP if you are not ready to pull out your wallet. If you love WM1Z, hearing the DMP will haunt you in your dream
  10. Vitaly2017
    Can some experts please help me understand if it really gona work.

    If sony released the eir-z1r and the specs are 3 hz to 100 khz but 1z is only capable of 20 hz to 40khz balance I think.

    Do we really get the advantage and capable usability of the bew iem frequency range?

    Please dont tell me my ears wont hear it lol. I just whant to understand the physics of the frequency coverage. To me seems like I am going to be limited to the 1z dap frequency range or not?
  11. Vitaly2017

    Haha that really scary I better not listen to dmp then or I will be thorn and forced to buy it ? He

    I already heard hugo2 and no I didnt like it. To flat to think and very very neutral as sound sig. To me1z is fun warm and a really high quality device. When I switched from dx200 to 1z it was pure day and night even software is on higher lvl over dx200. Everything just works as a solide rock.

    Sony is good for long life lasting and thats really good.

    I also enjoy alot the versatility of 1z it has everything that new era daps have...

    I can only complain on a slight hiss that is not very noticeable with my phantoms. But this iem is actually over sensitive and I dont think 1z is to blame here.
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  12. Whitigir
    Scientifically and technically speaking. Sony is neither misleading nor speaking the facts.

    The IER-Z1R can respond and is measured upto 3-100khz without being burn-out or damaged, and that is true.

    However, for all musical devices or whatever deemed safe for human being, all devices are limited at 20-20Khz. The max I have seen is probably around 16-22khz. At adequate volume, Anything under 16Hz would be damaging and dangerous to Human. The same as anything that is over 22kHz. So, every records, and even Analog to Digital conversion, or Digital to Analog conversions are all filtered and limited into 20-20Khz and 16-22KHz at max.

    Yes, the WM1Z May publish the spec of 20-40Khz as the S-Master is capable at that number in the instruments and lab measurents, but once it get to the analog filters, it will filter out all things that is deemed “unsafe for human”, period.

    Ofcourse, you can not hear it as it is filtered out and would not present.
  13. Quadfather
    I am so glad that I don't like being tied down to desktop amps. LOL $8,500? I know the DMP is marketed as a Walkman, but it looks and acts like a desktop amp as far as I can see.
  14. Whitigir

    Yeah, I expected as much from your preferences.

    Definitely, do not try DMP ....hahah, look at what happened to me, and I am lucky to be here and still posting

    Regarding the sonic frequency that is harmful to human. I recommend you to read this article.

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  15. Vitaly2017

    Thanks I was actually kept thinking of it. How can the frequencies that are outside the 20 to 20k range can be harmful this is the first time I hear that....

    And thinking of this now all this marketing fiasco about high res music is a gimmick????
    What a sad world we live in sssss

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