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Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by leylandi, Jul 30, 2016.
  1. Whitigir
    Remember what I was talking about ? I may have to make DMP-Z1 leather case for myself. Here goes....first leather project, don’t toss stones at me

    41A54B29-ECB5-4051-B701-45DE53907FF1.jpeg A7741C10-A59A-417C-82F6-C21D255541FD.jpeg B224BD47-C529-4875-9FD5-77785AC537A7.jpeg
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  2. Quasimodosbelfry
    Nice work!!!
    Makes me want to make something too!
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  3. Quasimodosbelfry
    Was thinking about your case when I went to sleep...
    What about charging ports?
    Any mounting fixtures? Are there plans for a handle or sling?
    There is only one opening and slips over the Z1 like a condom? Do the feet drag on the inside or is there enough material flex?
  4. Whitigir
    Thank you for thinking about it :)
    I didn’t measure the feets right, and so it is a mess, but who cares about the feets. I just finished sealant coating for it . I may close the flap on the back sides, at the moment, I don’t think I need to
    51561E20-D343-4176-A771-98A698AAF861.jpeg 4C67B285-DCDB-4808-BD8B-C463AC427BED.jpeg F45FBAFB-810B-44DD-9926-21F396F9C13D.jpeg AA424689-36C4-4243-801E-A863AABEA98D.jpeg
    Last edited: Jul 14, 2019
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  5. Whitigir
    @Quasimodosbelfry also, I was thinking of 2 things. Either making a case out of very thick leather-hide with straps to wear around and can not be bothered with stock case unless taking it out, or having the thinner case that can fit anywhere and avoid scratching the smooth surface. However, I picked the thinner case as it is easier to work around with and also more practical. It fit the stock carrying case, and into any sling bag on the go
    22DC8CB3-9508-4272-8875-18B9B93642C9.jpeg 42C1D44D-AB68-46C8-A990-9EBF678050A5.jpeg
    Last edited: Jul 14, 2019
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  6. Vitaly2017

    Caught caught. Arrgg tchuumm!

    Euuuhh mmmm does it hiss?
  7. Whitigir
    Only one way for you to find out my friend :)
  8. Vitaly2017

    Aaaa haha need to buy the dmp for that or canjam. Dont know any store who has the dmp for audition. :)

    I end up with 1z and yea it has very little hiss. I figured out that my iem is more on the sensitive side... 10 ohms and 117 decibels dont help it mmm yeaa lol
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  9. KuroKitsu
    Number one test for the Valkyrie: Does it hiss on the 1A, OH I FORGOT ABOUT THATTTTTT.

    If you're in Toronto anytime, drop by Bay Bloor Radio, they have the DMP for demo. Sounds nice, but my wallet just disappeared when it saw the price tag.
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  10. Vitaly2017

    Oooh good to know. Do they have the sony ier-z1r to?

    I can assure you valkyrie will never hiss on anything! Its harder to drive then phantom by 25% for sure. Its 3 ohms but low sensitivity at 96 db. Thats a good thing means higher sound quality.

    I truly love phantoms but my feelings telling me valkyrie is that new gem that will steal my heart away from phantom (
  11. Stephen George
    just upgraded my card to 1tb, works great. Now can store about 37000 songs.

    you should fill that stella glass with Duvel! Is this the sandisk that's going for $450? Someone's got them for $399 on ebay, but still seems steep when 512s are going for $70

    only 1.6GB free, too! I think I have 800GB new files in the last month, so many tracks...
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  12. KuroKitsu
    I know they stock it, not sure if they have it available for demo, you might want to call in and check.

    I loved the Phantoms as well, that as until I found out the upper mids and upper treble were tempered down too low for my liking. Then Khan stole my heart, until I found that the nozzle shape didnt work with my left year. Now its the A6t.

    I'm hoping the Valkyrie makes up for those since I'd love to have a pair of universals for backup in case my CIEMs need to be repaired. And Empire still holds the sole title of "universals that stay in my left ear canal"
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  13. Vitaly2017

    Yes thats true phantom has the treble tamed by quiet a good margin. Enough in my opinion to not consider them for classical genras but so perfect for spotify and picky trebly songs. That was my case...

    But I miss sub bass and better shimmery bells alike treble chirps, cant have that on phantom.

    Thought if valk have the juicy treble and the sublime sub bass with the weapon IX and keep the phantoms outstanding authoritive mids all this could be a straight gift from heaven )
    And effect audio cleopatra. Oouuu olala yes please I whant it ) ) )
  14. KurobaHeiji
  15. KuroKitsu
    Ive heard that one of the reasons for the tamed upper treble was actually feedback from Zeus. The tamed upper mids, not sure but it was an issue a lot of asian audiophiles had with Phantom. Female vocals were very veiled.

    Even with a pure occ silver cable off the balance off the 1A this was a huge problem.

    The sub-bass is insane on the Phantoms, easily the best for BAs. I take it you're not a fan of DD bass? I suspect the Weapon IX DD would match if not surpass it on the Valk. Mid's are BA still but its possible they retain the Phantom's, though it would need a lift in the upper mids for me.

    The EST is a concern for me given the criticisms for recent tri-level hybrids and the treble. Hopefully Empire opted for a tuning that doesnt go in that direction.

    Cleo comes with the Wraith (Explaining that almot 4k price tag). Valk has Eros II.

    Either way the 1A/1Z should have no problem driving either on high gain. And most likely no hiss, based on my experience with the Khan.
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