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Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by leylandi, Jul 30, 2016.
  1. sne4me
    Prices are cheap for now, next week they could double.
  2. Quadfather
    Can audio books purchased from Google Play be played on these Sony players?
  3. Mund1
    Not an unreasonable assumption. In fact, a common occurrence. I do a lot of shopping on Amazon. When you read reviews, its a bit terrifying to see that a high, and increasing amount of counterfeit products in general are being sold through their site. SD cards, Compact flash that I purchased through them for photography use I stick with Sandisk exclusively. I want a proven name brand! But even then, they are a common counterfeit item. What I do, I contact Sandisk Global Customer Service and ask them to verify that my cards are authentic Sandisk. They have no problem doing that. It's a huge very comforting relief. For those that buy this new 1tb card. It would be the very 1st thing I do, confirm its the real deal! (for those that don't need all that space just yet, as I have learned, wait 6mos to a year, you'll get them at less than 1/2 the current crazy price!)
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  4. captblaze
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  5. Quadfather
  6. JamesPTao
    Wmz1 already plays dsd full resolution. All you are doing is using am inferior dac to process the dsds.why even own a wmz?
  7. Hyde8767
    That just seems too good to be true
  8. Whitigir
    Lexar sucks.....I would buy any other one but not Lexar
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  9. Redcarmoose

    I’m sure if you found one at a great price; you would buy one. :)

    Your on the edge now!
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  10. Whitigir
    That is an understatement :wink:
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  11. sect44
    I'm having random crashes with WM1Z 3.01 after I click on my playlist to add songs. Anyone has experienced this issue? It has become unusually frequent lately. I have around 12000 songs in a 200gb card almost full. Thanks for any feedback.
  12. nc8000 Contributor
    Had plenty crashes on 3.0 but not a single crash on 3.01
  13. KurobaHeiji
    No any crash on 3.01 so far. Everything is running smoothly.
  14. aisalen
    Probably the reason for that is "card almost full" and the playlist maybe is being saved also in the card. Try to remove some albums from the card and observe or to reformat your card using the player and repopulate your files.
  15. Redcarmoose
    Yes, 3.0 had some issues but it looks like 3.01 is smooth sailing as far as crashes. I’m totally guilty of getting the player problematic partiality missing files at times, still no issues. It may even be the brand of memory cards as we thought? Though with 3.0 crashing it was a time full of ideas as to our problems. I may get a crash maybe once a month? Maybe? Maybe none, as I don’t take note of it. Once in a while I will erase a big file causing database continuity issues; fixed by a rescan?

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