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Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by leylandi, Jul 30, 2016.
  1. jaker782
    Has anyone used one of these WM-port to 3.5mm adapters to obtain analog line out into an external headphone amp?



    The ebay listings do not specifically say the adapters are compatible with the newer Sony daps, but they use the same 22-pin WM-port, so I was thinking it might work. The benefit would be to provide a true analog fixed volume line out into an external amp to avoid double amping with the headphone out jack. This would be similar to the LOD used for my Ipod many years ago.
  2. nc8000 Contributor
    Analog out is not available on the wm port on these players
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  3. jaker782
    That is what I am gathering, which is unfortunate. Someone mentioned an adapter so I wanted to make sure. Thanks for confirming!
  4. timeslip
    I quickly applied 3.0 and then 3.01, and then walked away from the player for a few weeks. I didn't realize how much the sound had changed, until I tried the LPGT and thought the WM1Z sounded warmer, and dull to me. I came across this thread and downgraded back to 2.0, and am in love with the sound. Too bad, I already bought the LPGT, which I need to do a comparison again with 2.0.
  5. Redcarmoose
    Actually I was set on running 2.0 with the 1A and 3.01 with the 1Z. Then........here on this thread everyone explained how 3.01 was this giant improvement over 3.0, with the 1A.

    Moments later after finally upgrading the 1A firmware I was totally surprised to find 3.01 the best the 1A had ever sounded. Due to different capacitors and wiring; not to mention casework; the 1A has it’s own special complementary personality. The 1A is wonderful in it’s own contrast to the 1Z. The two players reflect off each other and substantiate the qualities each intrinsically has. In many ways the 1A wins out with the IER-Z1R due to fast detailed bass, where the 1Z is thicker. Also the more flatfield soundstage gets a boost with the 1A due to the IER-Z1R already giant soundstage. I would not want a thing to change with new firmware, unless it has an included search engine.

    Our players are meant to be old-fashioned and basic with an emphasis on sound quality. There are hundreds of DAPs with lots of bells and whistles, as they have to add those features for marketing. Sony’s marketing is their signature sound; nothing more nothing less.
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  6. Redcarmoose
    The strange thing is Sony could come out with an exact replica of the 1A. Make it have silver anodized aluminum have 3.01 firmware and different capacitors and wiring like the 1Z. Price it between the 1A and 1Z and it would sound so good, be so new and up to date cutting edge technology that it would sell.

    The problem is that’s not the Japanese personality. It all would be way too easy to make. They are going to come out with something more difficult to make some day, and yes.... it will be better than what we have.
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  7. endlesswaves
    Spot on. SQ comes 1st, then user interface and battery life. Glad not to pay for those bells and whistles that I never use. If I wanted those, could have stack a mobile phone with a good portable amp.

    One thing most people didn't realise is how stable the software part of Sony's products. Speaking from my experience with Sony's DAP, smart TV and mobile phone. Never have to worry that an update will cause more problems than fixing existing ones.

    Only thing I wish for is more power from Sony's DAP.
  8. Redcarmoose
    In all my reviews, I’m covering the upgrade SQ path gained with desktop gear. Though the DMP-Z1 shows what it takes to get to the level Sony wanted with an upgrade.

    Studying this stuff there is that upgrade in damping factor from more power, and that would be nice. Still I’m relatively happy with just how things are.....meaning I don’t want to pay the money for it. Most everything I own IEM and headphone wise is able to do pretty good with the 1A and 1Z; though the TA desktop does show what power does.

    But I think the issue is deeper, meaning the DMP-Z1 shows what had to be done to keep distortion down in a more powerful portable. It was made by the same team as the 1A and 1Z. If there is something which comes out at a more conservative price and size; that will be interesting?
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  9. endlesswaves
    Spot on again. :beerchug:
  10. Redcarmoose
    And......not only battery life.... but we get battery life and sound quality.

    What was so weird this year............is it’s three years since the 2016 introduction of the 1A and 1Z.

    100s of DAPs have come out since. Multiple lifetimes in Head-Fi time!

    And what all the reviewers are shocked and surprised about..... has been the tables at all the shows being covered with black and gold Sony DAPs.

    The DAP dominates the show circuit 100%. But three years after introduction............surreal!
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  11. Love Music
    Hi, I am currently on 2.0 and have tries 3.0 in a shop but didn't like the sound Sig. Just wondering if you could do a comparison between 2.0 and 3.1?
  12. endlesswaves
    Was always DAP hunting till I got my WM1A. Best money spent this hobby ever. WM1A/Z may not be the best in everything but they are on par or comparable to the best even after 3 years. I see how other DAPs depreciate a lot in their used selling price but recent Sony DAPs are still able command a good price. Still seeing new users joining this thread.

    Another thing is the recent firmware updates. How many products out there still issuing updates after 3 years.

    Not a Sony fan boy but their DAPs (all things considered) are good value!
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  13. Redcarmoose
    I can but this stuff is really in the small details to the point almost that your attitude can affect what your hearing. Meaning the history for myself was 3.0 came out and upgraded with the 1Z, the sound was fine.
    Later upgraded the 1A to 3.0.

    I’m going to assume you have a 1A.

    The 3.0 seemed like it was designed for the 1Z. It took all the bass from the 1A. So I simply ran 2.0 in the 1A and 3.0 in the 1Z.

    There was a great quality new about 3.0 in the 1Z. But........the 1A was always border-line thin so it didn’t need software to trim the bass. 3.0 firmware could tighten the bass in the 1Z as there was extra to spare. Lol.

    So now we upgrade to 3.01 in the 1A in comparison to 2.0. The soundstage is bigger with 3.01. It also seems faster, meaning the signature just seems more responsive? I didn’t have the 1A way back but only the 1Z..... and early firmwares were kinda slow sounding. It’s hard to explain, plus my unit wasn’t even burned in before going to 2.0 in the early days.

    But in contrast, I’m going by memory and this is actually hard to fully remember. I could have done a better job when I first made the 1A jump from 2.0 to 3.01? But overall it seems 3.01 brings a faster more nimble bass to the 1A. Also within that bigger soundstage instrument elements are more defined and spread out. But in the end to me 3.01 has that extra bass....... where with 3.0 it was missing in the 1A but now with 3.01 along with a bigger soundstage than 2.0 in the 1A.

    But there was an over all texture and bounce, a pace that I first heard on the 1Z that seems to now be carried over to the 1A....using 3.01.

    So for me it was backwards. There was increased bass detail in the 1Z with 3.01 and a little with 3.0. But I guess that separation and detail is being added to the 1A now. It’s the love I had for the 1Z firmware brought over to the 1A? At least that’s what I think I hear.......basically more detail in a bigger soundstage?

    On top of all this 3.01 is a nice subtle improvement over 3.0 in the 1Z. Also the database did not load fast with 3.0 in any player.
    Last edited: May 1, 2019
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  14. Tawek
    1z with 3.01 has smaller soundstage vs 3.0 in my opinion
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  15. Redcarmoose
    But you do think it’s bigger than 2.0?

    You may be right, as at times I get thickness forward and back confused with soundstage width? Do you think it’s more forward and back than 3.0?

    It just seemed bigger, but I don’t know how or why. Much of the time too, with increased detail it makes the sound stage seem bigger?
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