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Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by leylandi, Jul 30, 2016.
  1. Erfan Elahi
    Thanks for this response. very useful.

    I have not tried any Sony MMCX IEMs yet. But I have bad experience MMCX based IEM. I was successfully able to change cables from my Andromeda only 3 times over 10 months period. The fourth time I broke my nail and mmcx connector on the shell broke off and I had to send the IEMs to re-shell. So now I am thinking of focusing on 2 pin based IEM manufactures, may be I will go for noble, empire or 64. But based on your posts from this thread, I see you get good match Sony with Sony. I only prefer to stay with Sony DAPs. So I am thinking of considering IER-M9 too. If I ever feel to need change cables to alter sound signature, but MMCX connector gets brake again... the fact is worrying!
  2. Redcarmoose
    I’ve only had one MMCX cable break, no IEMs. Though I’m pretty careful. Nothing leaves the house, and the IEMs stay in boxes with limited cable change outs. Fingers crossed. :wink:

    But I’ve never experienced what I posted in the last post? It was wild. Happened with both R and L! So I don’t know what caused it? All Sony stuff. Though the included cables work fine with the IER-Z1R. It may have just been some relationship between the Sony/Kimber and IER-Z1R?
    Last edited: Apr 3, 2019
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  3. kubig123
    i had a similar problem with the MUC-M12SB1 cable, it damaged the connector of my CA Vega, i had to sent it back to have it fixed. i honestly don't think that the Sony cable is worth the money, i always suggest to buy the EE Ares II, cheaper and with better quality mmcx connectors.
  4. Redcarmoose
    I purchased it new for $116. So it works with other stuff, but my situation was scary.
  5. Erfan Elahi
    Ahh! So CA does sometimes have faulty MMCX connectors. So I am not the only victim here.

    But as Redcarmoose said:
    Yes! Nothing leaves the house and we can use a 1k+ IEM for years! I would love to maintain this, but problem is, I usually listen to music when I am out or at work... So I need to take them out!
  6. Redcarmoose
    No I do have a $560 pair of IEMs I take on walks, but I usually use BT IEMs, which sound great to me, then....later, it makes the home stuff sound even better. But I’m more into music than gear, so at times I’m just happy to have tunes.

    My problem is I’m too distracted with my ADHD to concentrate on music out of the house, so it doesn’t matter what quality it is.
    Last edited: Apr 3, 2019
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  7. kubig123
    I've owned 3 Campfire and the only the Vega had a problem, but i honestly think was due to the mmcx crappy connectors of the sony cable, they are so soft, they had to damage something inside the Vega...
    Right now I have the Equinox and the Andromeda, i've been using Plussound and EE cables and never had a problem so far.
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  8. djricekcn
    Doesn't Sony use a customized mmcx connector? I couldn't sworn there aren't the same as the universal and they had some sort of locking mechanism
  9. kubig123
    not on the MUC-M12SB1 cable, it can be used with any iems with mmcx connectors, if i remember well, the cable comes with some plastic adapters that allow the cable to be used with the sony iems that require a locking mmcx.
  10. Midnstorms
    lol im not crazy its weird that no one with their super gear on this forum has noticed WM1A makes some weird noise when tone arm resonance its on only on 3.01 when music stops its funny hope sony fixes it too just listen when music stops lol only tone arm on
    Last edited: Apr 3, 2019
  11. Redcarmoose
    There has been locking connectors, in the past. The MUC Sony/Kimber does not have locking mechanism. Though Sony slighly changes stuff, I don’t remember seeing these little slits before. This is a close-up of the new Sony IEM cables. I would think these slits would move in to make the cable release easy? Though I’m not looking at the Sony/Kimber as I’m not removing it from the Z5 IEM. It may have these slits?
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  12. Quadfather
    I already have the Sony NW - W M1A. I am now choosing between a Lotoo Paw Gold 2017 or a Sony NW - WM1Z... decisions, decisions.
  13. blazinblazin
    Andro mmcx is super tight. There's a weak point in MMCX for easier remover. You need to trial and error see which direction is easier. Both left and right will be opposite of that direction.
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  14. Midnstorms
    GET the top tier iems or 1Z if yoou want my vote or the desk amp
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  15. Midnstorms
    Please when you buy can you compare both of whatever you buy? I trust you lol
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