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Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by leylandi, Jul 30, 2016.
  1. flyer1
    Tried the Z5 included tips as well. My favourites are still the JVC Spiral Dots, am glad I bypassed Sony on the tips as for me they work great! On the Sony's singer voice could be a bit distant, with the dots they come closer and everything sounds somehow more involving?
  2. Redcarmoose
    Well that’s the thing. Tips are super personal to the point that as listeners we should always have an open mind. To the point of trying tips that did not work in the past. It’s always psychological too, where your opinions of tips can be not in reality but in the brain. All I can say try and be true to yourself and experiment consistently.

    But yes, Hybrid Tips can distance the voice as opening is small. Still it’s all a mysterious subject, as it has to do with ear canal shape.
    Last edited: Mar 26, 2019
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  3. Jay91

    Is the 1A closed to the 1Z with the last firmware?
  4. Redcarmoose
    The Sony 1A is a nice different soundstage and sound signature, but the 1A is obviously not the same. The difference is in soundstage placement and tone characteristics. Though over-all the new IER-Z1R gets the 1A closer to the magic of the 1Z.

    This phenomena makes sense due to the profound effect transducers create over source and amp personality. But your not completely in 1Z realm without a 1Z no matter how you slice it. It’s also a hard subject to quantify with % marks. What percentage is a rose close to a daisy?

    This set of statements is in no disrespect to 3.01 and the improvement it has gifted to both players. Yes, 3.01 took the 1A out of the woods and away from the travesty 3.0 was for the 1A. The bass became better for the 1A and the sound is magic none the less. The 1A is a deal. But it’s hard to call an apple an orange no matter how much you how you stack the embellishments. IMO

    There is ancient philosophy describing how each element is true to it’s own character, with the character traits indivisible; and the concept remains true to form here.

    Sorry I have no percentage/difference to recommend here?
    Last edited: Mar 26, 2019
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  5. Midnstorms
    any hears a sound when mp3 starts on wm1a SE like weird compreseion sound or like wawawi sound i dunno how to put it in words, it does i when all procesing off v 3.01 and it last a sec...
  6. meomap
    Lunch time with 1Z, Khan, DHC silver cable.
    Waiting for DHC Clone Fusion.
    Well, ready to go outside and get my espresso then walk the dog.


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  7. blazinblazin
    Tips does makes a difference, but depends on IEM some does not makes a not a huge difference.
    The length, thickness, hardness of the tube, the different materials used, the size of the bore(does it narrows the sound to a small hole).

    I personally prefers short tube and wide bore type tips.

    For my Acoustune IEM, they includes 2 sets of tips, one set silicon is thicker the other set is thinner. One increases bass the other is more neutral. Also while I use the one that increase bass, I also bought a set of same tip model for spares but the tube of the ones I bought was shorter than the ones comes with the IEM by a few mm, it gives be more details. Which makes me wonder if the longer tube absorbs some of the details.
    I had other brands tips too but I avoid most of the longer tubes ones as it somehow gives a more tunneling sound since the sound bounces more through the longer tube.
    Last edited: Mar 26, 2019
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  8. McCol
    Got a wee query on my WM1A and wondered if anybody could answer.

    I use the bluetooth option to stream Tidal from my smartphone to the 1a, the codec shows as AAC, am I right in saying that although I may be listening to a flac or master file on tidal, it is in fact only playing at around 256kbs due to the AAC codec?
  9. nc8000 Contributor
    I don’t know what bit rate is used but yes it is compressed
  10. McCol
    As I guessed, knew it was compressed but a little disappointed it can't stream at a higher codec rate.

    A large portion of my listening is through Tidal and I feel that I'm not getting the best quality possible using the streaming option of the Sony.

    Considering trying the Hiby R6 Pro for it's a utility to install Tidal.
    Bit worried though that the R6 Pro won't be able to match the Sony for playback from the unit itself.
  11. nc8000 Contributor
    It can stream LDAC which is essentially lossless at red book level if your source supports it
  12. McCol
    This confuses me a little, using my Sony WH1000m3 it uses LDAC to transmit to the headphones, however when receiving from my smartphone it will only do AAC, its mildy annoying me!!
  13. McCol
    Ignore everything I've just posted!!

    Just fired up the Wm1a and connected to my S10+ and lo and behold LDAC is showing and working with Tidal.
    Bit bizarre as it wasn't when I tried before.

    LDAC may not be quite as good as a a wired connection on the R6 Pro but it will suffice for me.
  14. ttt123
    You must be using an iPhone if you got AAC. The codec has to be supported at both ends. Apple does their own AAC, as usual, and nothing else, so that is all you will get when using an iPhone.
    Edit: I was hasty and inaccurate. iphone supports quite a few formats, but not Ldac (Sony) and aptX
    - ALAC is Apples lossless format
    - AAC is a common format
    - FLAC is supported in the iPhone as of IOS 11!
    - WAV , AIFF , PCM, MP3 are supported
    Last edited: Mar 28, 2019
  15. Whitigir
    Isn’t A standing for Apple ? Any Apple devices and not limited to IPhones ?
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