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Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by leylandi, Jul 30, 2016.
  1. mmwwmm
    DX200 + AMP8
  2. frost15
    This, I love to use it with mp3s. When listening to flac or other lossless format I always use direct source.
  3. fiascogarcia
    I have the 1Z, and it seems that, if I were to guesstimate, the usage would read more like: bar 1 - 35%, bar 2- 15%. Bar 3 - 15%, bar 4 - 35%.
    Last edited: Dec 27, 2018
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  4. Hanafuda
    Wait ... Sony did another FW update after 3.0? Sorry, recently I'm not here as often as usual. I did update my 1A to 3.0, and love it. What's 3.01 change?, and what effect on sound?????
  5. captblaze
    faster database rebuild and less crash prone (at least not being discussed)
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  6. nc8000 Contributor
    Main change in 3.01 is that it is now rock stable (no longer any crashes) and the database build is much faster. I personally didn’t really notice any sound changes
  7. Hanafuda
    Thanks guys. Guess I’ll go ahead with it then, even though I havent had any of those crashes (knocking on oak veneer).
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  8. gerelmx1986
    Sometimes i feel the DSEE hx, gives an unnatural tone to Lossless FLAC (16/44.1)
  9. Luisonic
    HI guys!
    Throwing myself in the mix for some advice...
    I want to pair something to my CA Atlas, was thinking along the usual AK, DX200, but the 1A seems to make some sense...
    Any thoughts on this particular solution?
    Thanks for any reply, which always lead us lost souls in the right direction...
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  10. linux4ever
    I've CA Atlas. And I pair it with dx200ti + modded amp8. Very good synergy.

    Atlas pairs equally well with Wm1a.

    Zx300a is also very good. And very inexpensive as well.
  11. Redcarmoose
    Well obviously in a Sony thread you will have Sony recommendations; that’s just how it is. I have not heard the AK, DX200, but own the 1A and heard the Atlas though not from the Sony 1A. With the above said, I think the 1A would be great as a mix due to it’s relatively flat response. It’s detail will enhance the bass detail, and the reserved but high resolution treble will not add a harshness. The super fast and detailed midrange will add a quality too to the Atlas.

    There is no substitute for directly demonstrating the combination, but from my experiences, they would work well.
  12. Nayparm
    Yep listening for yourself is the only way, I just bought a pair of Audioquest Nightowls, they seemed perfect after reading up a load on them. Worst sounding (to me) headphones i've ever heard, if i'd have listened blind folded i'd have said they where some £5.99 headphones from next to the till at a shell garage.
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  13. Duncan Moderator
    Agreed, I'm currently using the RHA CL2 which seems to be only getting mediocre reviews yet they marry beautifully with the 1A - moreso than with the 1Z according to a post on the CL2 thread...

    Wouldn't have bought them based on the reviews, but glad that I did - especially with the 1A (bought that one week later after realising the dismal synergy with the Shanling M0 I was using)
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  14. Whitigir
    Dx200 and Amp8 can drive Hd800s very fine. There will be Korg Tubes amp coming soon to dx200
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  15. Luisonic
    Thanks so much for the advice to the many answers!

    Well, I had read some pages of this thread, and seemed to be filled of people who know what they're talking about, and understand that this "audio-awesomeness syndrome" has many, not one-brand solution...
    In fact, your advice about experiencing for myself is super, it's just that I'm in Italy, and testing things here is impossible (because nobody stocks stuff, especially high-end...).

    The dx200ti would be great, but it's out of budget and nowhere to be seen... Budget arrives to a bit over 1k, so there are many solutions available.

    The idea seems that the musicality and the ample soundstage of the 1A would pair well with the power and huge sound of the Atlas (which is not, after serious burn, a bass-heavy iem, it's superbly brilliant and balanced!)
    I've seen that many here own many DAPs and would know lots more than me.
    I have to go by instinct and by how people prefer what they prefer, and I'd like to choose well since this would be my first high-end DAP.

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