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Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by leylandi, Jul 30, 2016.
  1. flyer1
    Never use it either. Just noticed it when playing around but as Kingdixon correctly mentioned above just the text is wrong..

    At least this for me perfect FW can still be perfected even more in a future FW update!
    Last edited: Dec 24, 2018
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  2. nc8000 Contributor
    The overwrite message I think refers to overwriting the current active settings with the settings from the presets
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  3. flyer1
    Correct but it says it both on tapping a slot to select and on save current setting.
  4. nc8000 Contributor
    Yes cause it is overwriting whatever is in current settings or one of the 3 presets depending on which way you go
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  5. Duncan Moderator
    Makes sense.
  6. flyer1
    I get the point now. No FW update needed then:wink:
  7. AmusedToD
    Anybody in Europe who wants to sell a lightly used WM1A, please send me a pm
  8. Midnstorms
    so sound-wise its like 3.0 right? it doesent have more bass than 3.0? couse if its like that i stay 2.0
  9. Duncan Moderator
    One maybe coincidental side effect of 3.01 is that the LDAC receiver element seems more stable, happy to have my Xz3 using sound quality preferred option as seems to have no drop outs now whereas on 3.0 I had to have best effort on.
  10. alphanumerix1
    I've found the same thing
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  11. DatDudeNic
    Okay after extensive listening theres really no difference between fw 3.00 and 3.01.
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  12. gerelmx1986
    Hey there who rip their SACD to iso. I Bought a SACD and i am currently in Germany, who offers his help to rip it to me if I send the disc to you, thanks
  13. captblaze
    pm me
  14. Midnstorms
    THANK YOU! not yeling just taunting a little lol
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  15. Duncan Moderator
    Definitely feels different to me, albeit as I said in an earlier post, it seems like the output [power] has been boosted slightly - but I don’t have two players side by side.
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