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Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by leylandi, Jul 30, 2016.
  1. Stealer
    My 1A with 3.01 will shut-down if I left idle for more than a day . I had been alternating with DX200 for every-day use.
    So when I pwr-up it will go into a startup and re scan process .
    not sure this is normal
  2. ryaneagon
    You must have auto power off enabled. Go to settings, device settings, auto power off.
  3. Stealer
    Wow didn't know they added such feature ..
    Thx ryaneagon . .
  4. nc8000 Contributor
    That has always been there
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  5. lmfboy01
    like this? either headphones or charge cable fits with ease :)
  6. Mrcojocaru
    What is it?
  7. lmfboy01
    Got it with a all copper cable purchased from null audio. Got lucky as fits pretty nicely!
  8. Mrcojocaru
    Ah damn yeah that's pretty awesome. It doesn't have any brand name on it?
  9. bflat
    $10 Fiio case if you don't mind the brand:


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  10. iron2k
    that looks nice
  11. koven Contributor
  12. auronthas
    Thanks for the picture and tips. My current Pelican 1040 only can fit WM1A.

    I do have Fiio case too for my X5 Gen 3 previously.

    My WM1A with EASECASE leather can't fit into this case, change to Benks plastic cover, perfect.

    A bit bulky with Andromeda IEM in chair socks LOL.

    Good tips . :thumbsup:
  13. Wooglish
    I have to give credit to someone a thousand or do pages back, but Moleskin makes some great cases. This is a small, which is tight; that also have med and large
  14. JML
    I'm astonished at the improvement version 3.01 makes in the speed the database creation and additions to playlists, when compared to 3.0. Seems to be faster than every firmware version in the past.
  15. 21qz
    Where do you get your music May i ask?

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