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Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by leylandi, Jul 30, 2016.
  1. ttt123
    Very true. We are always in a state of transition, as we slowly learn what music should/can be. And we overlay that with our preferences, for that moment in time.

    There are a couple of truisms, that I feel are valid:
    - Less is more: less components, simpler path from source to music, gets you closer to the music. The experience from home audio, of starting with single driver speakers, and then progressing to multiple driver speakers for a more balanced sound, which led to more and more drivers. If 2 was better than 1, than 3 was even better, and 5, 6, 10., and onwards. Then this evolved to reducing the drivers, and more focus on time and phase alignment. And single point source. And devolved even further to setups using old super efficient apeakers, driven by a single tube amplifier, for some. We are paralleling this with IEMs.where the driver count and cost is seen as an indication of "better".
    - Trade offs: Everything is a trade off. It comes down to what aspect of the music is important to you, AT THAT MOMENT, which determines which trade offs you prefer. So there is truly no simple answer, as each person is on a complex journey, and nobody knows where the other person has stopped, or paused. And they don't even know if they themselves have reached the end, or are still going along the path to audio perfection. So we choose our imperfections. And depending on where we are, there will always be things that we cannot see, or accept. We are on a neverending journey. And it is likely that we will always be changing. Which is good, I guess. The lesson from the story of Don Quixote is that our delusions make life bearable. And when we lose them, and become sane, we start to die.
    - We don't know what we know: Looking back, that is definitely true. We always think we know, only to discover that we really did not.
  2. blazinblazin
    The truth is every era music are recorded and performed differently.

    No one is using the same equipment for sound recording and the music equipments used at that time sounds different from how it will sound now as the equipments improves.

    So some things used to sounds right in the older times might not sound right in current time. There's like no way a setup can make every piece of music sounds right haha.
  3. Whitigir
    I will be honest with you, that I never felt anything is “off”. Well, because Music is an art, and so is this hobby. If I don’t enjoy something, then I just don’t buy or own it. But if I do enjoy it, I can just keep on listening and never felt that something is “off”

    Now, I do modify my stuff in order to bring out the uniqueness and further improve it. This is the only time I would feel like “hey, this section could be improved, and in which way”.
  4. Whitigir
    Also, even if you give the same logs to different artists...it would be performed differently :wink:. Would there be a Right or Wrong ? Nope, just different styles, whether that fit you or not, that is personal. This is why when I review a device, I mostly just try and find a way to expose what it can do and what I like from it
    Last edited: Dec 13, 2018
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  5. frost15
    I measured the differences in database management times between 2.0 and 3.0 (1Z) with a 512 GB MicroSD card and here are the results:

    In 2.0:
    - Creating the Database for the first time took 5 and a half minutes
    - Rebuilding the Database after powering it on took 1 minute aprox.

    In 3.0:
    - Creating the Database for the first time took 8 minutes.
    . Rebuilding the Database after powering it on took 3 minutes. Now the curious thing here is that this process starts as fast as in 2.0, but somehow it gets stuck at 80% aprox for two minutes and 20 seconds!

    I hope they find a fix because it is really annoying.
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  6. nanaholic
  7. captblaze
    I do believe that they fixed the laggy database says the happy WM-1A owner. rebuild after firmware update took less than a minute (5500 tracks mixed DSD/FLAC)

    update - from cold boot database rebuild 30 secs
    Last edited: Dec 13, 2018
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  8. Redcarmoose
    I’ve demoed different $29 IEMs from China and seem to notice they do some stuff right but may have a glaringly noticeable stance in a group of frequencies. Call it excessive color or whatever, but I have older headphones that I couldn’t listen to now?
  9. kingdixon
    Benefits and improvements from the latest update
    • Corrects an issue where a time error is displayed while playing some MP3 content
    • Improves the operability when sorting the Bookmark List

    They are joking right ? LOL

    I hope that's not what they fixed only :D
  10. Redcarmoose

    Speaking of trade-offs........

    At this point in time I’m starting to realize that it’s going to be easer to match IEMs with specific sub-genres of music. So it’s not actually calling some IEMs wrong, but looking at them like each one has strong points. Note too......... I’m talking about well regarded, almost legendary IEMs in use here.

    I’ve started to notice it too with people’s hi-fi systems; where one does EDM really well but does Jazz even better. So it’s not being critical but simply observing how good some genres of music sound with some combos. And it makes me wonder if it’s an easier concept to win at than finding well rounded IEMs that do just “OK”.

    The delusions that make life bearable quote was heavy!
  11. Redcarmoose
    Nice to find the new firmware speeds up the database building and makes it a joy instead of a pain.

    This is great! Way to go Sony!
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  12. ttt123
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  13. BaltColts
    Can anyone confirm if this update affects the sound at all?
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  14. ttt123
    This is a good idea, if you have the space to have a couple of systems set up, and "ready to go". Though for DAPs, modern players like the WM1x are good all rounders.

    I remember the Calyx M as one DAP that was special for certain types of music.

    The IEMs may be more sensitive to different genres, especially if looking for a bass emphasized SQ. Though there are some pretty good all rounder IEMs also.
    Last edited: Dec 13, 2018
  15. frost15
    Well I've been blessed today! Just a few hours ago I tested the database speed problems and now Sony releases the fix! Very nice! Kudos to Sony for this! I confirm the speed of the database rebuilding has been improved dramatically, to the point of being even less time than in 2.0!
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