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Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by leylandi, Jul 30, 2016.
  1. bitonio
    The good thing about the WM1 series is they overall neutrality, so it boils down to your very own taste (what your ear will 1. like 2. be comfortable with).
    There are tons of good brand in the IEM market. Check out review websites like Headfonia, Innerfidelity etc..., try them if possible
    Some brand I considered for mine:
    - Earsonic
    - Empire Audio
    - Audio 64
    - Noble Audio
    - Campfire Audio
    - Shure
    - Ultimate Ears
    - Jerry Harvey Audio
    - ...
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  2. Dtuck90
    I was just about to post that I’d solved it. One track had the albums release date in the album sorting tag even though this tag isn’t visible even on the detailed song information on the walkman
  3. Hanafuda

    My battery's running out just slightly quicker on 3.0 too, but I'm 99.9% sure it's because I'm using the vinyl processor setting pretty frequently.
  4. endlesswaves
    Turning direct source off and with other DSPs on cuts down my battery by 30-40%.
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  5. audionewbi
    Without sounding like a Sony fanboy, I do think Sonys own IER-M9, paired with WM1A provides a new standard, and a solid benchmark for any audio enthusiast/reviewer who wants to get into the hobby of reviewing gears. Looking at the cost of the modding, M9 cost as much as some of those mods. And it just puzzles me how one would pick spending such a sum of money on a money/cable over an IEM.

    I see members jumping onto modding a brand new unit, without they first fully understand what the barebone unit is first capable of. Sometimes when sanity takes over me, and I take a step back and look at the current market, I wonder how much of what is out there is based on actual science and research, and if so, why aren't those facts are so well hidden.
  6. Whitigir
    Many times, sciences come from the observation of human. Human observe a phenomenon, and seek to understand it better, then using tools and other technologies in helping to do so.....human magic comes from their own 5 senses and the brain of curiosity, period.

    Have you seen the TDK noise absorber sheets for IC ? It had been so long that enthusiasts mentioned about the noises being generated by IC chips, and the quantum sticker to modify and minimize it. Now, TDK has released this sheets with real science behind it, and even measurements on noises being absorbed.

    Yes, there are phony stuff in this hobby, there are snake oils....but think about it. Some is true, some is untested science/facts, and some is just ways to make money. In this hobby, being sensible is kind of hard. But never the less, be confident in what you like and what you don’t, and know yourself.


    Yes, sometimes, people do quickly modify their devices. But it depends on what they want out of their player. More than often, mass produced players are all about larger profit, and so they are watered down in different places. These places are where hardcore enthusiasts like us, we want to improve. IMO, it is not about when to modify or upgrade, but from Whom, the modifications come from. One thing to keep in mind is that sound performances are subjective,
    Last edited: Dec 10, 2018
  7. klyzon
    I agree with m9 is excellent when paired with the wm1a on v3
  8. ttt123
    Yes, modding can be looked at as irrational. But of course that is true of the whole hobby. Here is one perspective: I felt that Sony had a weak point in the cable from the MB(Mother Board) to the headphone socket. This is from trying the same wire in an IEM cable, and comparing it to other cables, it was handicapping what the DAP was capable of. As these wires were right at the source, from the output of the MB, this meant that everything downstream could not be better than that weak link. Think back to Linn's focus on the source turntable, following this rationale. Correcting this source weakness benefits and improves anything you plug into it downstream. So if you look at the major benefits, it is not as straightforward to KNOW which option is better. Spending the money on a better IEM gives a major improvement. But no matter how good the downstream IEM, it is handicapped by the source weakness, and not performing to it's full capabilities. It's like you have a dirty window glass. Doesn't matter how powerful the binoculars you use to look through them, or how you change the object so that it is easier to see. The fog on the glass will blur everything. Now, what if you could remove this fog?

    Actually, I have previously spent a majority of effort and money improving things like the IEM, and the wire. I spent more money on the IEM, and wires, than what the payback was worth. Now, a good mod, in a critical area, is actually much cheaper than trying to make up for the weakness with better and better downstream equipment.

    Most mods are to correct a weakness, remove a bottleneck, etc., and is similar to putting a pair of glasses on so you can see better. It is a correction to allow the capabilities that are there to show through. Improving a power supply, or shielding, or cable, are also mods. Actually, everything we do is a mod, with the only difference being that most people are averse to touching the inside of a DAP. And that is understood, because it is too easy to cause unintended damage. But if there is a reliable/capable modder, or the owner has the skills and the experience, and they are willing to take the risk, then the result can be rewarding. And far from being a silly thing to do, it may be the saner solution.

    Of course, this is just one of the multitude of choices that we have to make. The only point I want to make is that it is not a clear "good" or "bad" choice. It is not for everybody, but I would say that it can be a good option, that makes music more enjoyable, and that the price/performance ratio can be positive. Sometimes very positive.

    As with everything in this hobby, do what you are comfortable with, and which you believe in.

    The Roman saying is true, "one man's meat is another man's poison". Whatever you do, enjoy it. And let the contrarians have their enjoyment also. It is the differences that make this hobby interesting, as audiophobics will never be accused of being all of one mind. Very much to the contrary!!
    Last edited: Dec 10, 2018
  9. Whitigir
    I like your perspective, and I do agree too. The usage of Kimber Kables is more like a marketing contract between companies, and this will be carried on for a while, the DMP-Z1 will also have it inside...an 8K device lol
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  10. rtjoa
    Great thinking. May I ask where do you do your mods?

    That is what I like about this hobby. How far will we push to make it sounds better :).
  11. rtjoa
    My night time setup: 1Z, VE RoundAbout balance lite amp, LCDi4 In Ear Earphone, Brimar Ultimate 10x cables.
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  12. ttt123
    About a year ago, a kind reader in this forum mentioned a shop in Apliu St, Sham Shui Po, HK, which area I frequent. I initially did a simpler mod (version 2) on a WM1Z, which was reasonably priced. I liked the results, and about 6 months later, he had developed the mod much further, so I had the full 3.5 version mod done. Was happy with it. Recently, got a ZX300 done. I mentioned the shop in earlier posts (Romi Audio on Facebook). PM me if you can get it done in HK, and want further information.
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  13. rtjoa
    Thanks. I have been following Romi Audio for a while. I hope I can visit him one day :)
  14. ttt123
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  15. Whitigir
    Damn it...and I thought I bought it for $125 was a good deal!!

    Thanks for sharing lol

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