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Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by leylandi, Jul 30, 2016.
  1. Whitigir
    That is why there is WM1Z :D
  2. Mrcojocaru
    Can you pinpoint what it is about it? That's interesting. I have heard that the zx is more warm.

    That's true.. But if you really deal hung, you can find really good deals on the 1a. Got mine for 600. Wish I could have the zx for snowboarding, though. WellW see how it goes with a brick in my pocket lol. Might just take my old Fiio.
  3. KaiserTK
    Yeah, I was tempted by the sale Jaben had on the 1Z.

    I think the 1A has a bit more “airiness” and depth to each of the notes than the ZX300. But the ZX300 has a bit more bass body. Honestly, I only have the Noble X and my friend’s B400 for comparison so I can’t say for certain.
    Mrcojocaru likes this.
  4. Mrcojocaru
    Any idea which firmware version the WM1A was on that you compared? 1.2 had amazing bass.
  5. KaiserTK
    I’m using 2.0 since I never tried the 1.2 and I didn’t like the 3.0 sound.
  6. gerelmx1986
    WM1 walkmans are compatible with QuickCharge tech? i bought this EasyACC monster power bank 20,000mAh, it has a Green USB port for quick charge, my sony Xperia works with QC 2.0
  7. Whitigir
    Doesn’t matter which one you plug into, the device will only draw what it is needed. Unless the power drawn is too little, then it would take longer to charge, but there can never be too much power drawn ....unless your player has a defect in the battery control circuitry

    Anyways, to answer your question, the quickcharge is a function of Qualcomm or USB C interface...WM ports has never been able to quick charge. Needless to say, given enough power, the Walkman charge up quicker
    Last edited: Dec 5, 2018
  8. hamhamhamsta
    What’s your iem and what improvement are you looking for?
  9. NiVrA
    I have the BGVP DM6 and a HiBy R3 DAP...honestly I dont know...does changing the dap make the SQ even better?
  10. ryaneagon
    I have the DM6 as well, switching from the 1Z to a SE1000 that I borrowed made a pretty significant change in sound. The 1Z was far more natural sounding with deeper lows and smoother highs. But Also, the 1Z (too me) has this sort of sound on any IEM or headphone I throw at it.Not to say the SE1000 I demoed sounded bad with the DM6's, they just had a harsher top end, and less punch and low end I expect. (both run with no eq)

    I thought the DM6's sounded good on the DX150 with Amp 8 Too. Kinda in the same boat as the WM1Z, it seems to sound good to my ears no matter what I throw at it. Too be honest The DM6's are a great IEM especially for the money, I think you'd need to step up to $500 plus IEM's to consider it an upgrade.

    You can always reach out to IEM manufacturers, I was able to demo Shure, Campfire, Empire Ears, and JH audio units. Usually just pay shipping and wait until the models you want are available, usually there is a wait list.
  11. NiVrA
    ahh ok so what do you suggest for the best sounding iem if my budget is only $500??that would be better than DM6?
  12. ryaneagon
    Nothing I could recommend without hearing, in that price range. Are you able to demo any other DAPS locally with your DM6's, maybe see for yourself if you hear much difference...Or start with a phone, does your R3 sound a little better or a lot better than your phone?
    Last edited: Dec 5, 2018
  13. ryaneagon
    As most audio enthusiast will tell you, recommending anything audio is tough, it's so personal. All I can do is give you my recommendations and tell you how I feel a certain product sounds...You may hear it the exact opposite, or prefer the opposite. Happy hunting. \,,/
  14. Mrcojocaru
    Look at the Dunu dk3001, it if you prefer more bass, the dn2002. A lot of people say that the dk3001 sounds as good as many $1k+ IEMs
  15. meomap
    How about ibasso IT04 iem?

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