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Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by leylandi, Jul 30, 2016.
  1. bana
    Looks nice! Do you get a balanced cable for this?
  2. Vitaly2017

    But whats the real thing about the ground option ? Why you need to tweak the ground for? Didnt sony would have done it if it was needed to be this way?
  3. Whitigir
    Simply put, battery devices doesn’t have a real ground....or earth ground. So any additional absorbed electrical manners (RFI/EMI....Noises...etc...)of any kind is not recommended :D...but I am speaking out of my Ars....Sony engineers probably don’t know enough :wink:

    4.4mm ground plane is excellent to implement on any desktop devices that has ground plane drain to earth ground. This is the reason why I love 4.4mm.
    Last edited: Nov 15, 2018
  4. Vitaly2017
    lol well thats what I am thinking to, why add something if it not supposed to be that way or any further improvements are involved hmmm.

    though reading about the K mode is quiet very interesting, cause it seems to improve hiss as its very important here lmao for tiger ears health for long longevity audio enjoyment...
    K mode seems to improve sound quality and reduce bass slam and warmth to a more natural timber and add more sub bass in quality. Got me quiet intrigued...

    1z seems to be a good dap if you add all the features it comes along and it also support mqa, but for you no dsd 512 lol sorry :)
    I personally listen to spotify lol and I hope sony enhancements going to do a nice job for me :)

    And Tiger Ears for ever :)
  5. Whitigir
    Well, I am a modder myself, and even more than that. But I have principles :wink: simply doing things....is just to be doing things....is not my style. Every modder has their own ways and theory to do with their modifications, there is no wrong or right, but there is people who knows nothing and don’t even want to do anything...only criticize, and I am allergic to those folks :D. The only thing is that I don’t modify gears for a living, only enthusiasm and chasing performances within My principles

    Back onto DSD512 , well....for any Delta-Sigma with a properly implemented DSP or Direct I2S from a good Digital Source is preferable. However, Sony has S-Master which is not your typical Delta-Sigma design, and Sony implementations, the FLAC quality on the 1Z is stunning in the timbres and tonal body. Simply put, I prefer FLAC on Walkmans and TA-ZH1ES and even R2R DAC.

    I simply gave up on the 1Z for other reasons, and as you known, I use headphones, so hiss has never been an issues. I also opted for Dx200Ti for other reasons, and ofcourse hiss again isn’t posing a threat :)

    Keep us all updated on your journey :) I can guess where it would lead you, but the journey is more blissful when you personally taking it
    Last edited: Nov 15, 2018
  6. Quadfather
    What I wonder, is whether or not the Hearing Safety European police will now come after you LOL
  7. roses77
    The Sony WM1Z is copper gold plated body, as I have the Sony WM1Z it sounds brilliant with 3.0 firmware update. It sounds like pure stereo. On the Sony website it explains how the Sony WM1Z is made.
  8. Whitigir
    I know the 1Z very well, I was directing in regarding of your saying about Sony May not make any more copper gold plated body Walkman....they don’t, but they do make copper gold-plated Volume knob on the DMP-Z1, and it is expensive with a lot of exotic parts
    roses77 likes this.
  9. roses77
  10. roses77
    Thank you for clarifying what You mean.
  11. superuser1
    @Redcarmoose That shop, Indygadget... did it carry cables too?
  12. WindowsX
    Some headphone cables has shielding terminated on ground connection. Adding ground connector to ground circuit will make proper use of shielding with WM1A/Z's ground to reduce noise and improve audio performance.

    For safety reason with poorly terminated cable, Sony decided not to implement ground connection from 4.4 connector to PCB. As I can see how it can withstand output short circuit from issues with previous mod, I don't think grounding will pose much threat. I wonder if I should disclose the name of mod that caused short circuit issues.
    Last edited: Nov 16, 2018
  13. Whitigir
    I wonder that too, but I guess it would bring pretty bad reputation to someone business, but also let’s not make this thread into something else. Agree that adding ground to pcb won’t pose such threat and for safety reason, Sony did not implemented it, IMO, I would only do it on desktop pieces, but then, even my mini Dynalo does not have ground for 4.4mm. I am also not a fan of shielding on cables either. I honestly do love Sony engineering, simplistic and have principle

    Last edited: Nov 16, 2018
  14. Redcarmoose
    I’m not really up to speed with nice 4.4mm balanced MMCX. Though I do use a Mee audio adapter set 4.4mm to MMCX with the blue pair. Though it’s strange as it has a giant L plug; which you can see in the photograph. I will probably get a nice 4.4mm cable in the future. Though so far 4.4mm does make a difference. The black pair is using the included stock copper cable. As far as I know there is a choice of silver (treble centric) or copper (bass centric) as an option. Where I purchased they only came with the copper cable standard. Though strangely both my sets had different plugs, though no mention of this on the box. (Typically a Chi-Fi charm) but........ one 3.5mm was bigger and L shaped, one had a smaller straight plug. Though I have to say the included copper cable is super nice!

    They had no 4.4mm cables but a couple 3.5mm aftermarket copper cables, and some moderately pricy cables I think too, though maybe $500 was top tier IEM for the store. So your planning to go to Thailand? They had two pairs of BGVP DM6 IEMs when I was there.
    Last edited: Nov 16, 2018
  15. superuser1
    Well its right around the corner so why not :wink:
    Last time i got to the other but somehow missed this one.

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