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Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by leylandi, Jul 30, 2016.
  1. officeboy20
    Can anyone confirm if the USB DAC feature is working if the WM1Z/A is in the walkman cradle? Thanks
  2. Nostoi
    Hello all, I plan on getting the WM1A, can anyone confirm the following:

    1. Does it handle 400gb cards ok?
    2. Can someone confirm the output on the SE output? I've read it's about 57mw, which sounds a bit feeble to me. I know the balanced has more output.

    Many thanks.
  3. Kervsky
    Yes it does hehehehe
  4. Dtuck90
    First thing that’s instantly noticeable from the update is the soundstage. WOW. Going to try the USB DAC now with my iPad Pro
  5. blazinblazin
    I guess this marks the completion of WM1 series.
  6. Dtuck90
    Delay is there with videos but aside from that it sounds great
  7. nanaholic
    For those who wants to display cover art for files like wav dff etc, you need to place the picture (baseline jpg or non-interlace png, no larger than 4096 px x 4096 px) in the folder and then rename the cover art file with the same name as the folder. Once you've done that it will show up.
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  8. siruspan
    And now there are also streaming services :wink:

  9. DatDudeNic
    I wouldnt really say its laid back tbh i think its abit more upfront now.
  10. DatDudeNic
    Ah wait i take it back on some tracks it sounds abit laidback while on some its quite forward, for treble heavy tracks it sounds abit more forward.
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  11. pietcux
    This update comes via MediaGo too. Nice and easy.
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  12. Blueoris
    Reading through that link, I found a bullet point under “Before you upgrade” that states
    • After updating, the firmware cannot be reverted to an earlier version.
    Is this restriction something new that will prevent manual firmware downgrades?
  13. nc8000 Contributor
    They said the same for 2.0 but people still downgrade to earlier. I think you just have to rebuild the database as the internal format has changed, or perhaps do a factory reset (thereby loosing your play time counter). I don't know as I have not personally tried to downgrade
    Last edited: Oct 4, 2018
  14. Kervsky
    Things I've tested that works:
    Sony Walkman stock cable (and the cheapo replacement cable) + WM1a + PC/laptop = works as a DAC for the PC/laptop
    Sony Walkman Cradle BCR-NWH10 (on PC mode) + WM1a = works as a DAC from the PC/laptop
    SONY Walkman Micro USB Plug Adapter WMP-NWM10 + WM1a + microusb to usb type c interconnect + phone = works as a DAC
    iphone 4s + apple camera kit + walkman cable = the connected device takes too much power (doesn't work)
    Sony XZ Premium on bluetooth + WM1a as Bluetooth receiver = Works perfectly fine, little to no lag

    Edit: There is an option in settings for USB DAC Settings, uncheck the Charge this player from the connected device, and iPhone 4s works, so I'd assume that current iPhones will work as well.
    Last edited: Oct 4, 2018
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  15. proedros
    wm1a or wm1z ?

    can anybody confirm/deny this , please ?

    would love to try 3.0 but 2.0 is ok so may wanna revert to it if 3.0 is not to my liking
    Last edited: Oct 4, 2018

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