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Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by leylandi, Jul 30, 2016.
  1. hamhamhamsta
    ZX2 vs ZX300? Anyone?
    I think this is more fair comparison
  2. bvng3540
    Advantage zx300 as it has 4.4mm balanced but zx2 not far behind as it also has 3.5mm balanced
  3. rawrster
    The only way to tell is to hear it for yourself. I have the ZX300A and recently got the chance to hear the wm1a and it confirmed my purchase. I use the ZX300A primarily during my work commute, in my office or in coffee shops so there is more background noise than normally. The increase in sound quality is difficult to hear in my environment and definitely not worth the $900 price difference to me. The wm1a is also larger, heavier and not as pocket friendly.

    Of course the differences for me could be worth it for someone else. A 10-20% increase for one person may be 1% for one person and 50% for another person.
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  4. nc8000 Contributor
    Technically the ZX2 is just seperate ground and not properly balanced
  5. Mrcojocaru
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  6. Mrcojocaru

    I actually ordered both to compare. Kinda feel bad because I'll have to return one, but I have no other way to compare. If the WM1A is that much better, I'll keep it since there's only a 200 dollar difference between the two deals that I found.

    Either one will be a huge upgrade from my Fiio X5 2nd gen
    Last edited: Aug 30, 2018
  7. proedros
    wm1a needs 200-500 hours of burn-in , so not sure if your return window will make you get so many hours with it

    however for only 200$ difference , wm1a is the logical pick no question about it

    whichever you keep , make sure you go balanced 4.4
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  8. linux4ever
    I've both the ZX300A and the WM1A. ZX300A is compact and sturdy. Its sound signature is slightly unique and different compared to WM1A. Can't go wrong with either. Yet the WM1A has more resolution and more of everything compared to ZX300A. If that more is justified in the more money being spent is up to each individual.

    I use WM1A at work. I just put it in my shirt pocket. Doesn't get warm (like ibasso dx200) and I don't feel it that heavy with it in my shirt pocket. And the sound just keeps everything else at bay.

    WM1A surely comes of age around the 400 hour mark and it just sounds extra awesome from that mark.
  9. hamhamhamsta

    Instead of having to have 1Z, why don't you mod 1A? I have a feeling you will like this very much. You're a treblehead, so I think you'll like modded 1a since treble are much more alive. Bass hits harder and clarity and resolution are a little better than unmodded.
    Last edited: Aug 30, 2018
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  10. proedros
    i cooled off with getting wm1z , so we are good for now

    as for the mod , i haven't warmed up to the idea (yet) , not sure what ind of sonic changes i will get plus i need to ship wm1a outside EU which means i may have custom taxes hassles when they return

    if i was gonna buy wm1z used it would probably have to be from a EU seller

    btw i just remembered how wm1z sounded

  11. hamhamhamsta
    I guess when 1Z or modded 1A is in Sale Forum; you better snatch it asap(If the price is right).
    Save some money and then resell your 1A.
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  12. Mrcojocaru
    Definitely going balanced! From everything I've read, it seems silly not to. Already ordered cables. Also, I cancelled my zx300 order and am just committing to the WM1A.

    Thank you for your comparison. I feel like I can't find enough of these from personal first-person accounts. I decided to just cancel the zx300 order and commit because from what you're saying , the wm1a sounds exactly like what I want
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  13. Hanafuda

    If you're speaking of 'phase linearizer', I like it with classic rock and live music. Very slightly thicker, fuzzy low end. It's fitting with some Hendrix or Santana. But it's pretty subtle, and as mentioned above not necessarily justified considering the battery drain that comes with it.
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  14. EdibleMind_X
    Hi guys. I’m selling my wm1a due to the lacking of enough power to drive my th900 MK2. Can’t stand the sibilance it creates. Perhaps I need a desktop dac/amp with more power and better control to go along with my headphone? Or I’m not setting my wm1a up probably? Can anyone persuade me to hold it, because I’m not sure whether I have made the best out of it. I use balance output btw.
    In honesty, ZX2 beats all Sony releases because it also has
    1. Internet capability
    2. Video Capability
    This is what is expected in our digital age. Not just blah balanced.

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