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Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by leylandi, Jul 30, 2016.
  1. Joe Tan
    Yes same for my Bose Soundlink mini 2 during software update.
    So its a no no to interrupt updating process. End up send back to Bose for repair.
  2. 480126
    Intersting. But is the Company serious? Two head-fier don´t get the cable! Look at the Brimar head-fi thread!
    Last edited: Jul 16, 2018
  3. davesday
    Hear hear.
  4. rtjoa
    Yes it is female 4.4mm pentaconn jack
    Yes, it is female 4.4mm jack to 2.5mm male. Please contact Brimar for the pricing. Sorry I don't know roughly how much as I bought those adapters with 3 iem cables.
  5. rtjoa
    I met Brimar owner at Singapore Can Jam this year. I bumped into him at food court then we went for coffee. He is a great guy and it was nice talking to him during Can Jam.

    Few months later, I bought my first two brimar cables from a headfier member. Last month, I ordered another 3 more cables with adapters and interconnects. I dont have any issues dealing with Brimar.

    About that Brimar head-fi thread, I have talked to Honeyjack and Barra at cable head-fi thread. Honeyjack has received an updated about his cable. Barra's adapter was out of stock and I think that has been sorted out.

    I am not associate with Brimar. I am just a fan of their cables.

    20180324_170405.jpg 20180324_172018_HDR.jpg
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  6. gerelmx1986
  7. kingdixon

    They are not available in the upper part, they show on the lower part without names, just disk 3 and 4 with size 0 byte and showing no media , right clicking them gives no useful operations only change drive letter which solves nothing.
  8. gerelmx1986
    @kingdixon you bought it in Japan? or at sony in your country? as Far as i know the sony center in your country won't accept your walkman because it was bought overseas. Sending it to sony japan mmmh i don't know. I had an issue with a sony ZX100 which I bought on AccessoryJack. I sent it to AccessoryJack for repair and they send it to sony HK. So better send it to the retailer whom you purchased it from. Unless you bought it from somebody else like f.e a Head-fier then you would need to speak to sony japan first and make arrangements to send it back for repairs.

    @JeremyLaurenson may have more luck if he bought it at sony US, he can send it to repair far easier
  9. JeremyLaurenson
    The label on the side of the unit will show where its "native".
    Mine was originally from E, AUS, JE whatever that is...

    Sony gave me an RMA so we'll see what happens,.
    Screen Shot 2018-07-16 at 12.27.41 PM.png
  10. kingdixon
    Ye i bought it used from japan, the device is not available in my country, so i dont know if they will be of any help .. but i sent sony US and JP.

    Waiting for their reply .. if they took a long time, i will call sony US.

    I hope it would be smooth process and they would stand for their product .. at the end the device looks new, wasnt abused in any way.

    Thanks for your concern though
  11. tenedosian
    Hey friends,

    Got a problem with my WM1A. I cannot use it from 3.5 mm jack, the switch between 4.4 mm and 3.5 mm jacks does not occur when I plug a 3.5mm headphone. (See, it still shows balanced with a 3.5 mm jack plugged)

    It stays balanced, and I am only able to use it with a balanced headphone. Do you have any suggestions?

  12. Lookout57
  13. tenedosian
    Thanks, but this was the first thing I've tried : )

    I also resetted the device, tried with various different headphones of 4.4 mm and 3.5 mm jacks, but with no success. It stays in balanced no matter what I did.
  14. Cheekymahony
    Have you tried to unplug all headphones and then activate bluetooth. It sounds as if the magnetic switch is stuck.
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  15. pietcux
    Or something is stuck inside the 4.4 mm jack. Maybe you look inside and clean it. Sometimes just blowing inside helps.
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