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Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by leylandi, Jul 30, 2016.
  1. Quasimodosbelfry
    The Dignis case? Get them from their website. They're fast to ship.
    Last edited: Jul 11, 2018
  2. aisalen
    Probably not, though I do not have check for it as I am playing all collection in circle from folder starting from A to Z. Also, my style is that in every album, I remove tracks that I do not want to avoid using forward button. I think your best bet is to play by playlist then play randomly, I have no experience either.
  3. gerelmx1986
    You can play by folder going to the library screen, swipe from right to left and there is the folder category
  4. Quasimodosbelfry
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  5. kingdixon

    As much as i love how it looks, i find it very expensive for me, actually the market has gone crazy long time ago, cables and cases that cost hundreds of dollars ..

    what happened to normal mobile cases 20$ or 30$ :D, now i got a couple of daps i need 300$ cases for them, i would rather put those forward to a new iem or a headphone, but thats just me.

    sorry , just letting out some anger LOL

    Anyway it looks awesome ;P I might end up getting one, who knows
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  6. Elyfantman
    I find this to be the most practical solution for me. It allows me to use a stick on belt clip so I can clip it to a belt or pocket and still have access to the buttons. The cover over the buttons also have reference bumps so I can find the correct button without looking at it. I also use a glass screen protector.



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  7. Quasimodosbelfry
    You can still get more economical cases. There are a bunch of TPU and silicon cases available for the WM1A and, of course, other DAPs. My first case for the WM1A was a Benks TPU case.
    Was actually a little reluctant to get a leather case at first, but one dark and stormy night, I went stalking online and pulled the trigger. And when it arrived, I still hesitated. But once I slipped my WM1A into the Dignis case, I was absolutely sold!

    I also have a Gregory pouch and recently picked up a VanNuys pouch for my favourite toy. Yes, I’m a little obsessive. And a bagaholic. Will post more pics here:

  8. Quasimodosbelfry
    The clip is very cool!!
  9. Elyfantman
    It works really well. I was worried it might not hold, but I've used it for several weeks now and there is no way its coming off the TPU surface.
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  10. Hanafuda
    IMHO, TPU FTW. Love it. Tough as nails, near invisible.


    Whoa, these pics are huge. Sorry about that lol. I just took the shots with my phone and uploaded them to ibb, didn't think about size. Well, its 2018, I don't think anyone really needs a 56k warning anymore.
    Last edited: Jul 11, 2018
  11. linux4ever
    Yeah I couldn't find a way to achieve this in wm1a. Except to create a playlist with all the songs that I want and hit random play or place all the files that I want to play into its own folder.

    Dx200 all ak daps does provide the feature that you're describing. But sadly is missing here.

    On another note, which iems have you all found to pair well with Wm1a with stick cable and with custom cable?
  12. Quasimodosbelfry
    That’s like asking what goes well with bacon. Or chocolate.
    Answer: Everything!
  13. kingdixon
    I got this musashino case with the dap from the first owner, and it is pretty awesome, then got some dewalt portable bags and other brands from amazon, i remember one was called viiger. All with back hooks to hold to the belt loops for carry purpose.

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  14. Whitigir
    Fun fact*

    Did you know that WM1A anodized Aluminum Body is not conductive ?

    On another hand, WM1Z goldplated body is Conductive.

    The question is....will the case be affecting the sound performances ?

    Anyways, let’s stop the can of worm here
  15. Quasimodosbelfry
    Yes. I remember reading a translated interview with a Sony engineer who explained how grounding the internals to the case changes the sound signature due to the difference in conductivity.

    Or maybe I dreamt the whole thing.

    And why isn’t aluminium conductive? Is the anodising somehow insulating the metal?

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