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  1. Jamiroquai
    Am I correct in that the equalizer doesn't work when playing native dsd files in balanced mode.
  2. gerelmx1986
    Yes EQ and DSPs don't work in Native mode, i also noted it doesn't beep (when you press a button) . and i heard a very faint click when switching from PCM to DSD album or visceversa
  3. Jamiroquai
    Cool, that was my experience as well. Just the relay click and tasty music.
  4. gerelmx1986
    Music center music transfers to walkman are slow. It transfer a bunch of files, stops to think something for a very long time, transfers another bunch and again stops to think, repeats this until it finishes
  5. gerelmx1986
    Music center does not detect FILE CHANGES, i had to redownload osme Haydn box-set due to bad cue splitting, re did the files correctly and did tag copy/paste in MP3TAG but mudic center did not detctect new track timings

    Had to delete the albums and hit import folder again to make it refresh the new changes

    EDIT: Media GO downloads are still active, But during installation, the video playback engine download gives an error that cannot be downloaded. Howerver the Music part of Media Go installed just fine
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  6. gerelmx1986
    Goldberg Variations on a Silbermann Organ in Dresden Germany

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  7. Mimouille
    Is that the version with Rihanna?
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  8. Mathieulh
    I purchased both of these cables:

    which according to the description were supposed to be balanced (I must admit, I have had my doubts), I tested both using my voltmeter as soon as they arrived today both of them appear to have the R+ and L- connections as well as the R+ and R- connections shorted, (which goes against the pentaconn 4.4mm specifications), equipment using pentaconn 4.4mm require balanced cable, it seems the grounds are shorted once connecting the cables to their respective headphones, if I am to use these cables I would likely short/damage my audio source (NW-ZX300), I tried one of the cables for about 20 seconds at low volume and they display the distinctive hum that happens when grounds are shorted, I would not dare use further.

    I contacted lunashops support who gave me this reply:

    My somewhat relative knowledge in electronics screams at me not to trust this statement though, unless anyone here proves me wrong I feel tempted to start a paypal claim, what do you think?
  9. Matrix Petka
    You are absolutely right. Luna shop have no idea what they are doing. 3 contacts conector to headphones explatiins everything - both grounds are shorted. To use balanced with such tipe of headphones, you need not even change cable, but internal wiring of headphones and connector.
    Just ask for refund.
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  10. nc8000 Contributor
    Yes neither of those cables will ever work and may damage your player. You can’t go from balanced output to single ended.
  11. Mathieulh
    Here you go, paypal claim filled:

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  12. Shureman
    Just when you think the there is no room for improvement on the WM1A/1Z. I tried this local mod shop. They changed the capacitance, internal wires, put shielding all around the unit. After listening to the test unit (A modded WM1A), I made the jump. I just got my WM1Z back yesterday. So far, I can say it's the best DAP I have heard. I love it. IMG_0643.jpg
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  13. kms108
    TBH did you ask for a refund first before this claim, as I don't trust Paypal anymore, from one of my claim with paypal, for all I know they only go by the details on what they think is right, my claim was a listing from Ebay (i was the seller), and they say they only go for information what they claim is right, and don't take the information listed as references, and it's 50/50 chance, plus I hate the 180 days claim policies instead of the previous 45 days.

    I only use Paypal to transfer money and to make credit card purchase now.

    good luck.
  14. gerelmx1986
    LOL no, but certainly Rihanna would be better than beiber lol
  15. kubig123
    Not sure Sony Music Center can manage Beiber
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