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Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by leylandi, Jul 30, 2016.
  1. flyer1
    After 10 hours in on my 1Z listening with Z5's on balanced high gain, having tried all firmwares, I have to say I am deeply impressed with it.

    Coming from my Z1060 which I used since 2012 it must have left an imprint in my brain.

    Using the 1Z on FW 2.0 making use of the phase linearizer on Standard B and no EQ, it is like a much improved Z1060 to me. Much more detail, 3d like positioning of instruments and higher quality bass though a bit less in quantity.

    With the phase linearizer on it provides me with the analog type of sound I enjoyed from my previous DAP and also provides a bit more bass.

    As both my Z5 and 1Z are new I believe I can expect changes in sound with burn in? What will happen in the bass department over time?
    Last edited: Dec 30, 2017
  2. Lavakugel
    Is this Z5 iem good sounding? Is this comparable with CA or Noble?
  3. mw7485
    Its been a long time since I started listening with this combination, and so my memory is somewhat veiled. However, for me, I think I am prepared to say that the listening experience in general has become more refined in terms of bass, detail, clarity and separation as time has gone on. Its a great combination. I've changed to the JVC Spiral Dots tips (large), as I find they sit better in my ears than the stock tips. I also use the Kimber balanced cable as I find the stock X5 cable too long and weeney. I would not now part with this setup for anything else portable-wise. I have attained portable sonic enlightenment :relieved: (for now!).
    Last edited: Dec 30, 2017
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  4. kms108
    I now use the software from sonore to extract DSF from SACD iso and the teac software for converting DFF to DSF, will get very busy now downloading iso and DSF files that i ignored before as I didnt know how to deal with it.

    Thanks to all especially @gerelmx1986 and @superuser1 for the information and help.
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  5. flyer1
    Thanks. I did notice that eartip fit is crucial in the experience of the Z5's. None of the Sony supplied tips worked for me but luckily I have a supply of tips from my ATH cks 77 that are a good fit. Will definitely also try those spiral dot tips. Thanks for the tip!
  6. gerelmx1986
    I am looking for this in DSD iso but I haven't found it yet, I had it converted to FLAC with disastrous results, now the iso is no where to be found

  7. Lemieux66
    What disc drive do you use to extract DFF files from SACDs?
  8. gerelmx1986
    I don't rip SACD, I just download iso from the internet and extract the DFF
  9. ledzep
    Spinfit twin blades work a treat and I've tried a lot of tips .... A lot !
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  10. Lemieux66
    Ah I see. A friend recently showed me how to download DFF and DSF files but not ISOs. I'd love to rip my Classical SACDs but the method I saw on Computer Audiophile involving Oppo and Pioneer disc players sounds very technical.
  11. kms108
    There are a few drives that also do this, including the first generation PS3.
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  12. kubig123
    It’s not so complicated, you need an oppo 103 or 203 or, cheaper, a pioneer 160 and change some parameters in the setting

    The most delicate part is the usb drive and the files you need to copy into.
    The disc player needs to be connected to a router.
    I took me few trials to make it work, but once it worked I was able to download a sacd in less than 15 minutes.
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  13. Lemieux66
    I'll have to get my friend to help me. As I've got a lot of SACDs to rip, it'll save a lot of money buying an Oppo/Pioneer player given the inexplicably high price of DSD downloads.
  14. Quadfather
    Time for an adventure!

  15. kubig123
    The cheapest option is the pioneer, not easy to find them. I got 2 from buyee. I used it only to import sacds.

    The oppo is a good investment is you are considering to use it as cd and DVD player.
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