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Sony NW-A40 Series NW-A45/A46/A47

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by bizkid, Jul 11, 2017.
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  1. Blamelouis
    Any date for the nw a55 in UK?
  2. JWAR1976
    It is rumoured for November / December time but in all honesty I cannot see it happening. Looking on the Sony UK website, there is no word of it, yet they are advertising the upcoming NW-A100 with Android, which is due in November. However I have seen it used on the CEX website but that is as far as it goes.
  3. kinkling
    Mostly correct. You may have to edit the playlist in a text editor to remove the pathnames before transferring it to the Sony, depending on how Mediamonkey formats it.
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  4. JWAR1976
    Thank you for that quick reply, it is a shame there is no direct way of doing things but then from what I understand, other DAPS like the Cowon D & D2 have a similar issue with playlist files. So would need to have some a decent search & replace facility to bulk change if that is the case.
  5. nc8000 Contributor
    The problem is that play list files normally have the full path to the music file as they were located were the play list was created and that will rarely be directly transferrable as those locations change from device to device
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  6. kinkling
    If you are on Windows, even Notepad has one, so it is not terribly time-consuming. Same with most Linux text editors.
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  7. JWAR1976
    Yes you make a good point there, it’s crazy when I used to own devices like a 4th gen iPod touch and going back even further to a 20gb Creative Zen Touch, I was able to create playlists without fail and send them across to those devices with all tracks in order.

    . Thanks for that, it is good to know.
  8. nc8000 Contributor
    That was because the software (iTunes and whatever the Creative software was called) that created the play list understood both the pc and the dap structures and did the translation during transfer. I expect (but don't know as I haven't used it) that the Sony pc music management and transfer software can handle play lists and transfer them. Also a play list can't include files from both internal and microSD memory
  9. Nailgun
    so you confirm it does work with mp3. do you think it will be the same with the a55?
  10. big joe
    It works with mp3, and the A55 is a slight upgrade over the A45 so it's gonna be the same.
  11. Khan SW
    Why are you not just using the playlist option in the A-45 or are you talking about previously made playlists in media players on the pc?
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  12. Codefox
    Took the plunge on this one last week. My FiiO X3 III vanished on me and after looking for it for a couple weeks (and suffering through multiple plane flights in that time with no music) I gave up and decided to go the Sony route. I liked but never did love my X3 III so I'm not too broken up about having to move on. I have to say I think it pairs really well with my Westone W40s. My only complaint would be the WM cable rather than something more standard but I've had a Walkman before, long ago so I'm used to the proprietary connectors (and hardly my only device with something proprietary so whatever). What really did sell me was the battery life. Given how much I travel, the X3 just didn't really cut it, especially on multi-city days. Most of my music is FLAC and there were days that I couldn't get through the day on a charge. I suspect I won't have that issue with Sony even if I don't get near to the promised battery life.
  13. JWAR1976
    Picked this up a few days ago and absolutely love this player. I didn’t bother installing the official Sony software but instead use Musicbee for my playlists and it works like a dream, even when it comes to adding new songs into an existing playlist, it works brilliantly. This Sunday night it will be put to the test when I do a 6hr coach journey & a 5hr flight.
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  14. twd2003
    Thanks for the recommendation for MusicBee! I was using the Sony software for the past year and it was first badly designed, then resource hungry. Hopefully MusicBee will be a better experience
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  15. JWAR1976
    No worries, here are some instructions I found on another site for playlists. They must be followed otherwise playlist files will be empty on the device.

    To synchronize Music and Playlists on your Walkman, with leveled sound and embedded artwork, first connected it then select: Edit \ Preferences \ Devices.

    Click on your Walkman, or its internal SD card if you have one, depending on where you want to store your music and playlists.

    Click on Configure.

    On the default “Music” tab select the Playlists you want to synchronize; do NOT check “synchronize music.”

    Click on the “Settings” tab.

    Under “media storage” the “storage path” should be the drive letter of your Walkman’s storage, either internal or the SD card.

    Check, “use naming template.”

    The “music files” template should be: Music\<Album Artist><Album><Title>, plus any other information you want to display.

    Under “on the fly conversion” check, “convert to” and select the File Format and degree of Compression you want to use, even if your files are already converted on your PC.

    Select, “only convert files not already formatted as…”

    Check, “level volume” and then select either Track or Album leveling.

    Under “playlist storage” the “playlists path” MUST be: MUSIC\

    If you don’t set the Playlist path correctly the Playlist will be created but will NOT work!!! (I missed that step a bunch of times! [​IMG] )

    Do NOT Check, “create a sub-folder for each playlist and its tracks,” IF you have tracks that appear in multiple Playlists; see Note 1.

    “save as format” should be: M3U

    Under “artwork storage” select, “embed artwork in the music file.”

    Click, Save \ Apply \ Save, and you should be good to go!

    Next go to one of your Playlists and, Right Click \ Send To \ Device \ your Walkman’s internal storage or SD card.

    Once the transfer is complete go to the Sony’s main screen and click on “Playlists” and you should see the Playlist you’ve just created with the number of individual tracks it contains, then go to the Folder view, and you should see all the music that has been transferred to the device; see Notes 2 & 3.
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