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Sony NW-A40 Series NW-A45/A46/A47

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by bizkid, Jul 11, 2017.
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  1. truckena
    Find something newer, especially, if you have a big collection of files.
    They are fine as a player, but Cowon, if I good remember, format SD cards only in FAT32, which has boundaries in number of files and depth of folders, but Sony has stupid on-any-start-building-database function, so it is unusable (sometimes it finished in 2-30 min and it is unusable during that period) or finished in bootloop (bc. sometimes it finished building not).
    Last edited: Jul 21, 2019
  2. nc8000 Contributor
    Just don’t turn the unit off. I have had Sony players for 4-5 years and the only times they have been powered down or rebooted have been when I have updated fw.
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  3. truckena
    I think, that is not solution, sorry.
    Hardware is able to switch off by an accident. I do not want pay for fear it will rise or not.
  4. big joe
    FWIW this player is going for $149 right now on Amazon and Best Buy, I assume thanks to the A50 series being out. If you don't care for the Bluetooth receiver, smoother UI, and "vinyl processor" of the A50 series it might be worth getting. My A45 is coming in tomorrow, definitely excited to try it out in spite of the headache the album art is gonna bring.
  5. herdom
    I'm looking to buy an Nwa45, but I don't know his impedance output. I'm going to pair it an Se846, which have a really low impedance... Can anyone help me?
  6. nc8000 Contributor
    Sony normally don't publish this info and the designers of the 1A and 1Z are on record for saying that it is irrellevant at least for those 2 players
  7. phower
    I have read somewhere that the output impedance is around 10 ohms.
  8. Koolpep
    That would be terrible, I think it’s 1 or below. With my low impedance IEMs (some as low as 8 ohm) I would have heard it, if it had 10 Ohm....I guess.
  9. bizkid
    Better later than never I'm now a proud owner of the A45 :L3000: I really like it so far with my MSR7b. The sound is slightly warm and inoffensive. Soundstage is wide with good depth as long it's in the recording. Definitely a step up from my cellphone. These are now pretty cheap so they are a great bargain.
  10. twd2003
    Does this player have digital output? Can I connect it to an external DAC and AMP?
  11. nc8000 Contributor
  12. Old Deaf Donkey
  13. twd2003
    Thanks for the feedback. Do you feel that there would be notably better sound quality with a $100 amp or DAC? If so, does anyone know if there's another cable I can use in tandem with the FiiO L27 that ends in a USB-C male connector so I can connect the player to a FiiO K3 DAC? I would also be okay with a WM-Port to USB-C cable.
  14. kinkling
    Amp, definitely.
  15. JWAR1976
    I have added the NW-A45 in the short list of what to buy for my first dap, however i haven’t been able to get non conflicting information on M3U playlist support. Now my music mood changes like the British weather, so do like to have a few different playlists.

    Guilty Pleasures
    Individual Album playlists

    Am I right in thinking that I am able to create a playlist in something like Mediamonkey & then transfer it over along with the tracks to the internal storage of the NW-A45, from which I can then load up the chosen playlist whilst on the go ?.

    Many thanks
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