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Sony NW-A40 Series NW-A45/A46/A47

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by bizkid, Jul 11, 2017.
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  1. nampramos
    Can someone help me figure out what I'm doing wrong?

    Just loaded my A45 with a DSD128 album but it isn't showing up on the player at all.

    Loaded it the same way I did with other albums (which aren't DSD128). Connect it to the Mac, drop the new DSD128 album folder inside the MUSIC folder on the microSD card and that's it.

    Shouldn't the A45 support DSD128?

    The album has the following specs:

    Samplerate: 5644800 Hz / PCM Samplerate: 88200 Hz
    Channels: 2
    Bits per sample: 1
    Bitrate: 11290 kbps
    Codec: DSD128

    UPDATE: I have been able to play this album if I transfer the folder directly to the internal memory of the A45. But when transferring to the microSD card, it shows up the folder but says it has zero files inside. I have other albums on the SD card and they work fine. What could be the problem? I tried transferring other albums to the SD card and all of them have the same problem. Folder shows zero files.
    Last edited: Dec 20, 2018
  2. Carlosfandango
    10% Discount (on the 129.99 price) on Curry website currently... meaning you'll pay 116.99 for this player.
  3. mhitchcock
    I have just been thinking. I have been thinking about sending the Sony NW A45 back as I would like to also listen to spotify or tidal which I can't do with the Sony.
    I have seen the fiio m9 that can stream from these services and others, but another thought struck me.
    Will I get better quality sound from the fiio or might I as well just stream from my laptop to my PX headphones? I probably won't use wired headphones or take it out of the house.
    I am just confused really as I want to have my cd collection available to listen to with good quality playback. I have ripped them to my laptop already.
    I do have a Motorola Z Play mobile that I could use with a large capacity SD card, but not sure how the sound quality will compare.
  4. Krutsch
    I was in the same boat and decided to wait for the NW-A50 series, which has a bluetooth receiver function.

    This way, I can listen to streaming services from my Google Pixel 2 with LDAC quality, then switch to a micro SD card w/ 400 GB of my ripped/downloaded music.

    FWIW, I wrote a mini-review on how well this works for me.

  5. Old Deaf Donkey
    Well, I use NW-A45 exclusively for travel, mostly aircraft, where no streaming is available, wirelessly LDAC with MDR-1000X. This combination works excellently for that purpose.

    Whilst A45 works well as DAC, its output is weak. So I only use it in that role occasionally - e.g. streaming Tidal from notebook PC at hotels with good WiFi. So, travel gear it is.

    Regarding DSD, it does not play native DSD - it converts it to PCM.
  6. mhitchcock

    Thanks for the input. I have ordered the Fiio m9 as it seems to fit my requirements pretty well so ilI' see how that goes. Yes they do cost more, but I do like the idea of all in one place.
    If it's not what I want then I will probably give up for now and use my laptop or phone for listening.
    As I have said I do only have wireless bluetooth headphones and although I can use them wired they wont apparently make much difference as they are designed for wireless listening rather than wired.
    I would like to be able to compare my B&W PX with some quality wired headphones say the hd600 series for example to see if I notice much difference with those.
  7. kismetsky
    I had the HD6XX and still have the PX. The Senns really need a good amp to sound their best, but they'll still sound pretty decent with a weaker source. The openness and comfort are leaps and bounds above the PX. The PX has a good soundstage but there's no mistaking they are closed. The PX are musical and fun while the HD6XX were articulate and airy. In terms of owning both, they compliment each other very well.
  8. mhitchcock
    Great, thanks for that. How do you think the hd6xx would cope with the fiio m9? If thats the case I may keep a look out for some second hand senn 6xx next year.

  9. kismetsky
    The 300 ohm impedance on the HD6XX through single ended on the M9 would be lackluster. Looks like the M9 has a "balanced turbo" mode through the 2.5mm balanced output that can push 77mw into 300 ohms. That would be 'okay' probably? I was using the HD6XX with the Fiio A5 (150mw into 300 ohms) and it was sufficient for a portable setup. The HD6XX through my home stereo receiver (Onkyo) was bliss. I've been curious about the HD58X Jubilee from Massdrop - 150 ohms and a newer driver design, more affordable as well.
  10. mhitchcock
    Really sorry ,but I don't understand about the ohms and mw. I suppose more because I haven't really looked into it. Naively I guess I thought it was more a case of plug and play any kind of headphone but obviously not as some requime more power to drive them... Headphone amps for example
  11. mhitchcock
    I should maybe start to read about the technicalities of this stuff a bit more
  12. porrrtico
    Should I buy the Sony NW-A45 or the Fiio X3 III?
  13. phower
    Fiio X3 III output voltage is more than enough to drive high impedance headphones while NW-A45 is limited to 0.7 volt.
    Your choice.
  14. BadReligionPunk
    Was there ever a definitive answer to ohm output? Been out for almost a year, and still cant find any info. Just a guess that its 2-5 ohm without any evidence.
  15. phower
    Unfortunately, there isn't a single review with measurements of A3x/A4x/A5x anywhere on the Internet. I have searched a lot. Nothing. I remember reading somewhere that it is around 10 ohms and that Sony engineers think that it is irrelevant. :unamused:
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