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Sony NW-A40 Series NW-A45/A46/A47

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by bizkid, Jul 11, 2017.
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  1. watertriber
    Do you use it with an amp?
  2. luisdent
    i do not with portable headphones. it's about the same overall vume output as an iphone 7 plus. very clean. no hiss. blind ab tested it and i can't tell it from reference with my etymotics. but woth my sennheiser hd600/akg q701 the output is less than ideal, like an iphone.

    so for those i use my element amp. but I haven't tried the sony with the element yet. i have been focusing on tagging and getting my 400gb of music onto my sd card :p
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  3. watertriber
    Is the NWA-45 going to be your main DAP?
  4. bandario
    You are going to want a computer to prep, tag and transfer your music properly with this thing. It is a little picky with album art etc so there's a bit of work involved. I wouldn't expect anyone's music collection to come through 100% tagged first time with the NW-A45.
  5. luisdent
    yes. i am using lossless files and will either use it with earphones or use my laptop (with said sd card) connected to the element when using over ear headphones...
  6. dannydj
    Do you use the Sony software for organising and album art ?
    I have just been drag and dropping using a Mac with various results, especially with art. I have tried using the size limits and format previously mentioned in the thread but still some show and others do not.

    Also using the Sony software is it possible to have a folder within a folder ? For example I recently added the cranberries 4 disc edition of everybody else is doing it. When added to the SD card there are are 4 folders for each disc within one Album folder. On the unit itself it has joined all the tracks together so when I select the album there are 60 odd tracks rather then the 4 separate CDs.

  7. luisdent
    fwiw, i use itunes woth 100% success on mac.

    i download jpg format art. the key is this, and it is important as it is the best way to "embed" the art into the files... once you have opened a jpg in preview, copy the image. go to the iTunes song and go into the song tagging. pick the art tab and paste the image into that area.

    it doesn't matter if there is already art there. it doesn't mean it is neccissarily embedded. if there is art there, select it, "cut" it with CMD-X and then paste it back and hit enter. this embeds the artwork. i have 100gb of music with 100% artwork on my a45.

    i also never drag songs from itunes. always navigate to the music folder manually. you can right click a song and choose show in finder. or just browse your drive to your itunes folder. copy the files directly to the player from the finder. i do this with itunes running and have no issues.

    lastly, i did have an issue where some songs (12 out of thousands) showed no tag info on the a45 and listed as unknown artist but showed fine everywhere else. i found the files were corrupt in some way. i reconverted them in itunes. in fact simply converting the existing file from lossless to lossless again in itunes seems to have fixed the corrupted tags and shouldn't lose any quality.
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  8. Giangregorio
    Latest version of iTunes I think are screwing tags in some ways, I have the same problem with my a35.
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  9. luisdent
    yeah. it showed tags in every app. took me a while to figure out...
  10. dissembled
    My A45 is kind of buggy. While creating the database after uploading files to the player, the screen goes black and does not respond to me pressing the power button to turn on the screen. It finally responds a minute or so later though. It does this every time. Is mine 'special' or is this normal behavior?
  11. dissembled
    I used to use MediaMonkey to obtain album art from Amazon and this worked splendidly with this player. MediaMonkey stopped supporting it, however, so I had to use another program. The Discogs MediaMonkey add-on unfortunately, was buggy for me so I had to use Mp3Tag instead to download covers. The album art did not show up though, so I had to download yet another program as per your suggestion, TagScanner.

    Thanks for your suggestion! Now they show up fine. Choose Keep on the top menu, then Recompress like stated, and remember to click the Save icon at the bottom right corner. I'm new to TagScanner, so I didn't know that pressing the Save button was necessary but it was. But then again, I'm an idiot.

    So my workflow is like this:
    MediaMonkey to quickly edit tags -> Mp3Tag to download album art -> TagScanner to recompress album art.

    I could just use TagScanner to download album art, but I really don't want to register yet another program by having to log on to Discogs and allowing the program to get access. I already did that with Mp3Tag, so I'll use that for now. Despite the Amazon album art fiasco, though, I find MediaMonkey to be the easiest program in altering tags. It's also a music player, so it's integral to me.

    I hope this helps someone having trouble with album art not showing up. My method is a pain in the rear with having to use three freakin programs, but it works I guess.
    Last edited: Nov 5, 2018
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  12. McKolm
    With regards to Sony WH-1000XM3 (my only regret is that I didn't buy this beauty earlier) in combination with A45: If you use headphones with A45 only, then no equalizers work whatsoever: headphones are set to default, changing equalizer settings within DAP doesn't work. Sound is OK nonetheless.
    But if you use 1000XM3 with A45 in combination with iPhone, then the magic starts. The only important thing is: connect headphones to A45 first, connect to iPhone (Sony's Headphones app). Tehy won't connect other way around.
    Then all equalizer settings from Headphones App are actively used during playback from A45.
  13. abhijollyguy
    Is Opus #11 compatible with SONY NW-A46 player?
  14. dannydj
    @dissembled @luisdent thanks for your suggestions. Can't use iTunes unfortunately as most of my library are Flac files. So will go for the 3 software solution, not an issue if it works. Thanks again
  15. dannydj
    Anyone had a buggy screen ? Over the last few days when scrolling the screen starts going crazy and starts pressing the back button or the briefcase button continuously. Around 8 presses then stops. Still under warranty thankfully.
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