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Sony NW-A40 Series NW-A45/A46/A47

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by bizkid, Jul 11, 2017.
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  1. dannydj
    Can anyone let me know how to enable the digital record feature on the A45 please ? I remember reading earlier on in the thread this can be done using the hack tool and changing the region to Japan, is that all that needs to be done ?

    Also what file format does the player record in ? And is it pretty simple to find the language change menu once in Japanese ?


    Edit - changed via the tool. Language stayed in English and record menu present.
    Last edited: Oct 7, 2018
  2. Sonyvores
    it's only mp3
  3. dannydj
    Thanks for the info. That's slightly disappointing I must admit. Hopefully still sounds better then recording through my MacBook Pro soundcard.
  4. dannydj
    @Sonyvores what does the menu containing seconds stand for in the record menu ?

  5. mjg132
    I haven't got time to search through all the threads,can anyone tell me if there is a firmware/software update that takes care of the low volume.
    Ive tried the command prompt way and im not getting anywhere...
    Thanks in advance,Matt. :)
  6. bandario
    I could help you, but that would literally mean me doing your work and unless you are going to pay the invoice, you can do it yourself. This has been covered in this very thread and there is a search function. Keywords: volume limit, euro, rockbox.

    You are still going to have to actually read the rockbox site, and I would strongly recommend you wait until you DO have time lest you stuff it up. Good day, sir.
    zhubajie likes this.
  7. mjg132
    Those that have not read the entire thread have also had questions answered without going through the whole thread :)
    Anyhoo's ,ill try on a diff comp and try the DEST tool there.
    Good day to you too sir. :) ,but I do think a hacked software update could'nt go amiss. :)
    llakssz likes this.
  8. kaassouffle
    They replaced the whole main board.. for a bootloop caused by a software mistake (or so it seems).
    They unit worked, but they did crappy job of closing it back up again so I left it at the store to get that looked at. I want it back in the same state as I brought it in...
  9. hellfire8888
    will sony nw45 get a firmware update to have bluetooth receiver function like nw55?
  10. jant71
    I don't think it has the hardware to do it so no firmware could give it that function. A45 is probably done with firmware updates most likely. Only 1.10 AFAIK for a few little issues and one bigger thing, aptX HD BT codec support. They don't seem to think it needs anything else like, maybe, FM tuning/preset control with the buttons like every other Sony player before this series has had, lol.
  11. Gosod
    Hi guys. Can I use this player as a transport? Which headphones suit it best?
  12. bloodyf8
    Guys im new in sony party ,planning to buy nwa45 for the first time, i want to ask about charging they not come with charging adapter, when i check out in their official website guide they must to charging via computer usb, while in my case i dont use my computer recently, and im only have my phone adapter which is a samsung travel adapter its 5V 1A, so its is good enough / recommended for charge? Or i suppose buy sony wall adapter?(5V 2.1A)
    Thanks in advanced
  13. llakssz
    It doesn't need anything special, it will be able to charge from any usb port. :)
    I'm not sure if it even supports 'fast charging', I expect not.
  14. luisdent
    it wil charge from most chargers. 5v 1a is fine. in fact it's supposed to be better for lithium batteries to slow charge them. fast chargers are great but they do lessen the longevity of the battery.

    sony so has a battery care option to eliminate over charging and maintaining max charge all the time which lessens the battery longevity as well.
  15. luisdent
    i got my nwz-a45 recently and absolutely love it. the long battery life is one of the best features. i will hopefully post a review with some tips as well soon.
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