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Sony NW-A40 Series NW-A45/A46/A47

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by bizkid, Jul 11, 2017.
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  1. vsls
    Quick question.
    I can find A-35 at €140 while A-45 is at €200, local retail shipping and taxes included
    Is it worth to go for the more expensive and newer model or A-35 will be equally good soundwise?
    I don't care for BT, just good navigation and no problems with the FW,
    I will use it exclusively with IEMs (iBasso IT01) and as portable, so battery is important
  2. kaassouffle
    Update for the interested: contacted Sony, they directed me to a local service partner in The netherlands. I contacted them, and they told me it was better to just return it at the store. Went to the store, they didnt replace it (they did last time), but now they had to send it to Sony for repairs. So i will be waiting for that.
  3. zhubajie
    The A50 (A45, A46 etc) is already out and will hit the shelves any day now.
    This might mean the price for the A4 series will drop soon.

    But is you are eager to get one you can safely buy the A35 because there wont be a change in sound quality and user friendlyness between A30-A40-A50.
    The A35 is a great sounding and very user friendly device.
  4. vsls
    Thanks for the update, I don't think that A50 will arrive anytime before April in Europe and probably September to any of my retail stores, so I won't really wait for it.
    Also the prices are not dropping a lot since A40 is still at it's launching price, so no high expectations, either.
    If the extra 60eur do not justify the difference between A30 and A40 I might go for the older DAP, unless you think differently!
  5. zhubajie
    I don't need the added features the 40 series has but this is about you.
    When you also don't need them, and I think you already mentioned that in your original post, the choice is clear.
    Since the model is officially outdated it might be wise to make sure you have good warranty.
    vsls likes this.
  6. dannydj
    Does anyone know if the WMC-NWR1 recording cable can be used vice versa as a digital line out ? As I wanted to send the digital signal straight to my headphones DAC to process. Thanks
  7. bandario
    No, it can't. There is a different adapter for this purpose but I'm not sure it is true line-out. Wouldn't this still be analogue, anyway?
    Instructions just recommend disable all EQ and sound effects and send max volume to input of amps etc but you'd probably blow your head off doing that to your headphones.

    Anyway, google
    WM-Port LOD Line Out Dock

    For the adapter you're looking for.
  8. dannydj
    Thanks @bandario

    I have the recording cable as I managed to pick it up on eBay for £5. Not really looking to buy another for LO purposes. AptXHD via BT will just have to do (which it does nicely)
  9. derekbro
    Anyone find any dust plugs that fit the NW-A45? I'm having trouble finding any.
  10. Galeonero
    Hello, I am very new in the audiophile theme and I would like to buy a DAP to be able to take the music that I have in FLAC everywhere without needing the smartphone.
    I came across the DAP of sony, my question is is it recommended the A40? They are around 200 dollars but I do not know if they are pure design and sound there are much better things.
  11. zhubajie
    The device is very user friendly, good looking and sounding, full of features, practical and of great quality.
    I say; get one!
  12. radekhulan
    Can this Sony device work as USB DAC (sound card) for Windows 10 PC, transmitting via Bluetooth with LDAC to Sony headphones?
  13. Galeonero
    Genia, thank you very much. In November a friend leaves for the United States and I'm going to ask for a DAP, where I can buy it at a good price and if it could be that it comes with headphones, it's already in the box or a promo.
  14. Gosod
    I confirm this! yes3.gif
  15. luisdent
    so far I'm loving the nw-a45. however, unless it's placebo, i feel it's a bit brighter than some of my reference amps. I'm very curious if it's an output impedance thing. does anyone on the planet know what the output impedance is? or someone that can measure it?
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