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Sony NW-A40 Series NW-A45/A46/A47

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by bizkid, Jul 11, 2017.
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  1. chinerino
    $102.73 in what currency? if its USD then its a really good price to get it. SQ wise im not sure but the soldering change from A35 to A45 made a slight difference along with power. IMHO the main reason I got A45 was because of the S-Master HX tech (theory behind that tech too) at that price range (shares the same chip as TOTL DAP) however there are implementation changes but i feel it was worth it. THE USB DAC annoys me the most though
  2. NickiRasgo
    PHP 5500 / USD 102.73 - it's actually used but still have a warranty until December 2018. I think too, there's no major improvement on SQ or I think it's still the same but it's cool if they'll implement right the new features though.
    Could be nice as well if they fix the 0.5 delay on USB-DAC. Sadly, still using a propriety cable. :frowning2:
  3. bandario
    An NW-A45 @ $102 is a steal IMO. There's really very little difference to the NW-A50 and you are going to pay more than double at first.
  4. Krutsch
  5. elektron
    Would this player make sense if I already own an Xperia Z5 Compact as my media player / streamer (my phone is actually iPhone 8, provided by work) and mostly listen to using various LDAC compatible headphones (h.ear 2, MDR-ABT1, WI-1000X)? Most of my listening is actually from Google Play Music / YT Music services but I do have a collection of a few dozen hi-res albums that I plan to grow in the future. My guess is that the answer is no.

    Next question. If I get a pair of decent passive headphones (think Z7 or better), would the analog SQ of the player be that much better than the Z5 Compact, which in itself, has good DAP credentials?
    Last edited: Sep 5, 2018
  6. Ddhead
    Just bought the audio technica M40x and pair with Sony Walkman A45 music player. Wanna clear my few doubts.
    Bought a HP-SC short cable for the m40x too. Does help reduced the M40x overall impedance about 2ohm compared to its long cable. Listen to all types of music's.

    1) My Walkman A45 doesn't have volume capped for Asia version. Wondering if it's output power (0.7483V (calculated myself with ohm's law formula) ,
    35mW+35mW Jeita/16ohm) enough to drive the m40x perfectly with maximum sound quality and dynamic range.
    No EQ or any enhancements use. Everything flat and turned off.

    2) Only occasionally EQ 400hz +2db, 2.5khz +1db, to make m40x vocal sound better , or frequency response flatter, think is it better? Or should I just remain everything flat untouch? Due to maybe insufficient power by the A45 to create low frequency bass. Sometimes 60hz +1 too .

    3) The M40x does sound loud enough but not sure if the Walkman A45 player is capable of supplying enough power to the M40x for low frequency bass reproduction since low frequency sound used more power?

    4) Thinking if I should get a Fiio A3 to get extra juices! Knowing I'll definitely benefit from the amp but don't feel like carrying extra unit with me all the time.
    Knowing the M40x is only 35ohm impedance shouldn't needing amp. But the A45 doesn't seems to have the power to drive the m40x to the fullest quality.

    What do you all think? Feel free to give your opinions.
  7. HeadphonesRock
    Dunno about the Fiio A3, but I used to use a Fiio X3 mk1 with the M40x's and that player had oodles of power for a rich satisfying sound. I loved that combo, but had to go wireless, due to me nearly yanking my head off every time I caught the cable.
  8. phower
    The sensitivity of M40x is 98dB/mW. For 0.7483V, it is possible to reach 110 dB SPL(0.7448V) which is plenty loud.
  9. phower
    Oops. double post
    Last edited: Sep 8, 2018
  10. zhubajie
    This is a known problem.
    I have the A35 and it has the same problem. It seems it hasn't been fixed.
    This happens only with .MP3's and it has to do with the tags you use.
    I can't tell you anything else but this but it was the reason to only use FLAC files on this device.
    I use Fiio's M7 for MP3's (that device is just as user friendly and you also don't have to switch it off because it goes into hibernation).
  11. McKolm
  12. neo_styles
    This was with FLAC files. Everything had to be re-ripped to fix the issue.
  13. zhubajie
    What I read was about problems with MP3 files which were cut off at the end. Not all but only certain MP3's.
    That is exactly the problem I have.
    Since I am using FLAC files the problem has disappeared completely.
  14. goody
    Curious to know if we will get the new update on the a45 that will allow Bluetooth receiver so we can stream music to the player from my phone
  15. zhubajie
    I can answer that for you.
    The A50 is already here and there will never be any new updates for the A40.
    McKolm likes this.
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