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Sony NW-A40 Series NW-A45/A46/A47

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by bizkid, Jul 11, 2017.
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  1. fish1050
    Yeah I just saw the specs on a sony site and nothing to really get me interested. Seems more like an evolution from the A45 vs an actual redesign. I mean still stupid WM-Port, no increase in power, what an LP sound simulation feature, nothing that compels me to switch from my M0. Have to say I am disappointed. Honestly when I first saw it on the sony site I thought they made a mistake and used the A45 picture by mistake. I certainly would hope the big improvements will be for the sound quality and will wait to see some reviews before writing it off but right now pretty underwhelmed.

    Is it enough of an upgrade from A45 to get any of you to get one? Is it enough to get those with other DAP's to want one? Makes me glad I didn't wait to see what the A50 would offer before buying a new DAP so thanks for that Sony.
    Last edited: Aug 31, 2018
  2. Krutsch
    I am still on an A17 so, for me, the answer is 'Yes'. I really want a little more power in the DAP, as I can't really drive my Shure SE535 IEMs without an external amp (PHA-3) and I am sick of carrying that around when I travel (although the sound is fantastic, so I leave it at work for desk use).

    Also, I really want an updated UI that will sort by Album Artist, which I am reading the newer units do.

    And, metal case? I'm in...
  3. fish1050
    Since this is the A40 thread I was thinking about those who have an A45 and would they consider an A55 upgrade. With such minor changes is it going to be enough to propel sales. I know from talking to friends who still work in audio sales that for DAP's manufacturers they rely quite a bit for people upgrading from previous models for sales. If people aren't compelled to upgrade from the A45 or even A35 then Sony's sales could be impacted. I to still have my A17 as well and it still works great. Only issue for me is it needs an external amp for power. Don't want to go down that road again and the 80 mW from my M0 drives my headphones really well. Found the power of A35 a little weak still so the A55 having the same power doesn't bode well as an option for me.
  4. kova4a
    Well, I guess it boils down to whether someone who has a35 or a45 considers the new metal body to be enough of an upgrade to justify paying again for pretty much the same device. Given that there is no change in the SoC, one can't really expect a sound upgrade. That was the case with a35 and a45 as well - they sound exactly the same.

    There's just nothing really enticing to warrant an "upgrade" - still no USB-C, the same internals (let's be honest - that "small amount of gold" they say they put in the solder will do nothing just like last year's "purer" solder of a45, no streaming services. Power-wise you can't expect wonders from sony's digital amp as there is not balanced output.

    I guess, at this point if one is looking for an upgrade and still wants a Sony DAP, one should go for the zx300a. I honestly expected from Sony to announce something cool for the walkman's 30th anniversary (dmp-z1 is not a Walkman) but maybe next year.
  5. Krutsch
    Next year is the 40th anniversary. I bought one of these when they came out in 1979:

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  6. kova4a
    Yeah, my bad but I am severely sleepdeprived, so I'm kinda excused
  7. harpo1
    I did as well and loved it.
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  8. dissembled
    Is there a way at all to know whether you’re putting duplicates in the bookmarks list without resorting to scrolling through the whole list?
  9. Krutsch
    I was just reading the specs on the new A50 series and noticed this:

    BLUETOOTH® Receiver mode to give your smartphone music a boost
    Stream music through the NW-A50 via Bluetooth® and a smartphone connection and give all your music an NW-A50 boost. Favourite tracks will benefit from S-Master HX™ and DSEE HX upscaling, as well as Vinyl Processor and equaliser.

    Wow... that basically means I can have my FLAC collection on my Walkman and access streaming services via my Google Pixel 2, using the A-55 as a headphone amp/DAC. Likely with LDAC between the phone and the Walkman. I've read that the Pixel 2 supports LDAC, but haven't verified this myself.

    Man, if all of that works as expected, the new Walkman will be my end game travel rig.
  10. NickiRasgo
  11. HeadphonesRock
    Is anyone using a Samsung or Sandisk 256GB Micro SD card in their NW-A40 series? Sony's website mentions they can use up to 2TB.

    Just need to know if these big memory cards work ok, before spending my hard earned cash on one.
  12. goody
    i might get it to compare to my A45 the bluetooth receiver sounds interesting on the A50 .. i have an M0 and the bluetooth signal is atrocious just so weak....using sony a45 with bluetooth is so much better
  13. bandario
    Works fine. I've a 256gb Sandisk Ultra SDXC UHS-1 in NW-A45 and no problems whatsoever. Actually transfers a bit faster than my previous 64gb Sandisk SDXC. Getting about 27MBps with this one and seems to really help with album art scrolling and general speed in album view.

    My thoughts are if they enabled EQ over bluetooth I would sell my NW-A45 in a heartbeat and get this, otherwise there is absolutely no way I am inspired to 'upgrade' just to get BT receive mode and some cartoonish buttons. I'm still absolutely enraged that after paying $350 for the NW-A45 and $300 on WH-1000xm2 I can't use a single enhancement setting over bluetooth AT ALL. In fact, even paired with an android 8.0 mobile and LDAC, you can't even use EQ on that platform. Straight out, want EQ? Then listen to SBC turds.

    Thankfully the sound signature isn't too bad as it comes with LDAC on either device, but it is a bit frustrating and could still use a tiny little tweak.
  14. deewy
    Have this little beast for about a week and love it. It is my go to DAP for walks, I also stream via Bluetooth to Car system (but quality is rather low) much preferred is to use the line out.

    Would like to point out Wonderfull pairing with Ibasso IT01.

    I currently use Sandisk 400 GB micro SD card with no issues at all. However, when taken out of AK DAP it did not read any songs, the format in A45 was needed, the down side obviously was to upload all my music again.
  15. NickiRasgo
    Thanks for your insight. I wished as well that they fix the 0.5 delay in USB-DAC mode when video is being played.
    I'm thinking if I should wait for this or get the used Sony NW-A45 being offered to me @ $102.73 (converted from PHP).
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