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Sony NW-A40 Series NW-A45/A46/A47

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by bizkid, Jul 11, 2017.
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  1. fish1050
    Cool, I would love to hear your impressions on how they compare sound wise. There is a user on the Shanling M0 thread who has the A35 and prefers the M0 sound to it and having USB-C will be so nice, no more WMPort nonsense. At this point with info likely to start coming soon on the Sony A50 series (stuff started leaking on the A40 last July) and IFA in September even if I don't like the M0 for some reason I would wait to see what Sony does with the A50 before upgrading. Shanling hinted at possibly releasing other DAP's later this year or early next year so could be some interesting options down the road.

    Sounds like you are getting a little DAPPY (DAP Happy) you might want to seek professional help. Hey, maybe I should try to patent that word! :thinking:
  2. fish1050
    The recent 2.0 firmware update for the M0 addresses alot of those issues. Suppose to fix multiple bugs and improve responsiveness and LDAC receiver mode added. I guess the question is the A45 worth twice the price for these things? If Shanling is able to add audiobook support in a future firmware update which they claim to be working on then it would tick every box for me DAP wise.
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  3. goody
    Dap madness ..i am looking at the A45 ,Cowon plenue D, Sony Nw zx100 ,sansa clip and sony X1060 all on my desk right now and incoming that unicorn Hiby R3 and shanling M0..madness i tell you
  4. goody
    i do not like thin sounding daps ..thats why i like sony the fuller sound is what my ears like ..anyway till i get the M0..
  5. fish1050
    That is funny because I have read reviews that say the Sony Dap's have a leaner sound whereas I haven't read any reviews saying the M0 sound is particularly lean. Really wish I could audition an A45 without having to order one to hear for myself. But again if the M0 ends up being not for me I will wait to see what the A50 series brings to the table.

    I have read reviews saying the A45 is a little flat and somewhat lifeless and I am sure your choice of headphones will make a big difference to what you are hearing
  6. Dtuck90
    Am I the only that thinks that uncapping the player improves the sound aside from just making it louder?

    I wasn’t keen on the treble at first but it seemed that since I uncapped it the treble sounds much more natural and less harsh

    For the players cost, I couldn’t be more pleased with it
  7. chinerino
    yeah to me its neutral, with a bumped bass. Idk i felt it wasnt lean at all for A45 but oh wells
  8. goody
    That's exactly what I did I uncapped mine it changed the sound ..the Sony is definitely not flat sounding
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  9. Dtuck90
    I’m glad I’m not imagining it. With how good the A45 is, it may persuade me to replace my Pono with a WM1A
  10. hellfire8888
    i am glad i am not the one who notice the sound change after volume uncap. The Audio Recording function is working like a charm..omg..loving it..is like a portable music ripper..
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  11. goody
    how do you connect yours for the audio recording
  12. hellfire8888
    using Sony WMC-NWR1 cable.
  13. goody
  14. chinerino
    I’ve read about audio recording on this may I know how and pictures of the setup?
  15. jeff6666p
    Does anyone one have there battery drain fast while on standby? I left mine on stand by for 4 days and the battery drained 50 percent.
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