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Sony NW-A40 Series NW-A45/A46/A47

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by bizkid, Jul 11, 2017.
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  1. jant71
    What do you mean get it now. :) Pioneer is not in stock at B&H and 7-14 business days means about a month.
  2. fish1050
    Sorry bad choice of words, I should have said selling it for $199.99. At that price it would be worth waiting vs just pulling the trigger on the A45. I would be willing to wait that long for a better DAP.

    I wouldn't buy a DAP without doing a demo first so bhphotovideo not a consideration for me being in Canada.

    The 30R is however in stock at avgearshop in Toronto where I live at $249.00. About the same cost to me to import from bhphotovideo.com and no import hassles.
    Last edited: Feb 5, 2018
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  3. vikibeats
    Hi guys! Help me please! When I convert music from my CD to FLAC (through Sony Music Center) and then I throw it to my NW-A45,
    he does not consider this a Hi-Res ? Please guys, need your help :)
  4. mundixx
    it needs to be at least 24 bits to be considered Hi-Res
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  5. fish1050
    CD's are only 16 bit quality so converting to 24 bit flac for example is a waste of space as files would be needlessly large. Downloading 24 bit tracks or ripping from albums are the only sources for 24 bit files
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  6. Mathieulh
    That's because CDs aren't "Hi-Res" as they are originally sampled as 16bits@44khz, if you want Hi-Res (assuming you can actually hear the difference which is very unlikely), then you will need to purchase/download audio tracks from sources originally sampled at a higher resolution, there is no point in trying to upconvert a lower resolution source into a higher one, you cannot go above the quality/resolution of your source material, if that's CD then you cannot go higher than 16bits@44khz, upconverting that adds noise and wastes storage space, it also adds artefacts to the sound making it worse than the original material, something you don't want.

    To be honest 16bits@44khz is plenty for most/all people, unlike lossy formats like mp3 you don't sacrifice dynamic range for space.
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  7. vikibeats
    Thank you very match!
  8. HulkFlyer
    Some people on YouTube are saying no EQ or Sound FX settings are transmitted over Bluetooth. Is this true? I can understand some of the special FX but no EQ? Can someone verify this?
  9. chinerino
    Yes this is true there wont be EQ if you are using bluetooth! i have a NW-A45 and i tried and tested it !
  10. jant71
    ...and no FM transmission over BT either. An answer for the EQ is some of the new BT amps have EQ adjustment built in as well as some headphones like JVC are doing normal, bass and clear EQ modes on their BT models.

    Still bought an A45 but would love it if it had the podcasting feature, FM over BT, radio mute and preset selection through the side buttons, and a few other little things added to make it optimal for my liking.
  11. Vartanarsen
    Any BH Orders here? satisfied with customer service?
  12. docholliday
    Typically, EQ can never be used directly on BT. Bluetooth is a transport, not a rendering protocol. It does nothing but move a digital stream of data from one place to another (just like WiFi/Zigbee/Ethernet). It has no idea what data it is moving; as far as it is concerned, a jpg is no different than a flac stream. Only the stream header has any info on how the endpoint should handle the incoming raw data.

    The audio data is encoded directly to a digital stream in BT protocol, then sent to the receiving device. It is up to the end device to decode the data stream and render it into analog audio (the DAC). It can then have effects/eq/leveling applied. In order for a transmitter to apply EQ to *anything* going out BT, it must first decode the digital data, apply the effects, and reencode into BT - that would take a lot of processor power. Some devices have a hardware DSP chip that can do this internally, but for most SoC devices, it would be up to the SoC designer to integrate the functionality, which increases cost and power consumption. With most DAPs, the internal DAC is bypassed when sending out via BT, so no processing is handled by the DAP itself.

    Wired headphones can EQ easily, as the device decodes the audio data in it's built-in DAC on it's way out to the headphones. Once the signal becomes analog beyond the DAC (or inside the DAC) EQ and effects can be applied to the analog audio stream before amplification. In the case of BT, this stream would exist not in the transmitting device, but at the endpoint (speaker, HP, or external DAC).
  13. phower
    Sorry, your entire wall of text is wrong. AudioFX in CyanogenMod(AKA LineageOS) supports EQ for BT.(on Moto G) I literally tested just now again to make sure. If it is not available, it is because it is not implemented in that particular OS because either no budget or no programmer did it for free as it was done in CyanogenMod.

    Technically, FM over BT is also possible since FM tuner chips output PCM data. My Asus Zenfone 3 will route FM to my BT speakers from headphones if I connect the BT speaker after starting the FM app with headphones plugged in. I am listening right now:grin: But, my zenfone won't support EQ over BT. If I install LineageOS then both would be possible.

    If you wan't either of these feature, you could pick up a old android smartphone and install LineageOS.
    Last edited: Feb 6, 2018
  14. kismetsky
    AudioFX is an equalizer app. docholliday mentions this in his post:
    That's exactly what AudioFX, viper4Android, and all the other EQ apk's are doing - decoding the mp3/flac/mp4, applying the eq, and then re-encoding it to send out the bluetooth stack.

    In regards to the FM tuner, older DAPs would use the headphone cable as an antennae and would not start unless one was plugged in. I'm presuming this limitation is still in effect on the A45.
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  15. docholliday
    Sorry, but your concept of how audio is decoded/converted for BT transmission is completely wrong. All of the items you mention prevent a pure data stream without additional processor power - they decode the audio locally, process it via the APK app ("plugin"), and then reconvert it for output (no matter if via speaker/wired via analog amp or Bluetooth via conversion to BT transport). Bluetooth is NOT an audio format or stream format. It is purely a transport mechanism. All of the APKs that you mention is nothing more than a piece of software that inserts itself into the processing loop to modify the data before it gets reconverted for BT transmission, which requires the audio stream to pass through the device's processor.

    FM over BT would require an FM receiver to retreive the channel, conversion to a digital data stream from the analog, then re-conversion to output over the BT via the BT stack. And yes, you could process it with an EQ if you wanted in the conversion process.

    If you wanted and had a capable endpoint, your phone/tablet/Android player could decode the FLAC/mp3/etc, process it with the APK plugin, and send it out with a Wifi transport (there are some wifi capable audio speakers, Blose Soundtouch) or Ethernet (studio processing gear can connect via ethernet to move data between processors using the 802.1AVB standard, Motu uses this).
    Last edited: Feb 6, 2018
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