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Sony NW-A40 Series NW-A45/A46/A47

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by bizkid, Jul 11, 2017.
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  1. chinerino
    Bass wise i personally feel its tighter (without EQ of course) volume wise its the same (btw I was using a SE535 LTD), 120 steps! regarding your post on the overpaying part, personally im in Singapore and the prices here between A35 and A45 doesnt differ much too hence its rational to get the A45 than the A35 because theres AptxHD, MQA support, and also USB DAC (0.5s lag though, if you are just listening to music tracks etc it doesnt matter but if lets say Music videos etc its quite annoying). If you already own an A35 i think you should just continue to use it, and if you are thinking of having either 35/45 i would go for the 45 since its the newest and it sounds slightly better in overall!
  2. Gosod
    Thank you for your answer. good.gif
  3. cagas
    If you listen to the same built in tracks, with the same headphones. You can hear some difference in clarity, to me it matters. Its not ground breaking different, but there are other features; using as dac, aptx hd support, better responsiveness. Im sure with future updates.. might be more features or differences with a35.
  4. Starrpish
    I've finally gotten one in a Sony official store here in the Philippines. I guess they've started rolling out their stocks everywhere(?)
  5. mundixx
    Congratulations dude. I got mine at Sony Cebu too. Lots of stocks there for each color.
  6. Sunova

    Great for both of you! Still waiting for mine. Anyways just let us know how it is! :)
  7. nunomeneses
    Am i wrong or A45 is ~50€ cheaper than A35 official prices? In my country official Sony website A35 was 250€ and now A45 is showing 205€
  8. vikibeats
    Took it from mail yesterday! God bless accessoryjack for Red one! I’m happy!
  9. clement2296
    Hi all!

    I have just received mine yesterday but it appears that I have had bad luck as a faulty unit has found it's way into my hands.

    The Walkman would not boot up into the main menu (frozen at the Walkman splash screen) and is stuck in an infinite restart loop until it runs out of juice. I have to say, I'm a little disappointed with Sony on the QC part.

    Has anyone experienced this with their unit? Or rather has anyone experienced any other weird issues with their new Walkman?

    P.S. I have tried almost everything; recharging to full, restarting, resetting, plugging into PC, etc. I managed to get into the main menu once or twice, but only for a few minutes before it freezes again starts the infinite restart loop.
  10. Krutsch
    Apologies is this has been covered... does anyone know if the new A-45 series is compatible with the new mini SDXC 400 GB cards?

    Thanks, in advance.
  11. chinerino
    hey it should work, but since it has more data, it will take a really long time to update the database when you mount the sd card on to the walkman!
  12. chinerino
    hey i think its better if you exchange it with another unit, warrantyyyyyy
  13. clement2296
    Yeah I have decided to straight up return it instead of sending it in to a service center.
  14. fish1050
    Pioneer XDP-30R cheaper than A45!

    So bhphotovideo has the Pioneer XDP-30R selling for less than the A45 at just $199.99 and you can get it in Canada for $249.00 at avgearshop.com, although some stores have it on sale for $549 so not sure about the huge price difference. That caught me by surprise to say the least. Given the A45 will cost $299 CDN and not available for sale yet and the 30-R being $50.00 cheaper and available now kind of makes it hard not to consider it.

    Dual microsd card slots +16 GB onboard, 3 gain control levels , balanced output, wifi, more power and decent battery life at 15 hours. On the negative side no AptX bluetooth and lower resolution touch screen. I haven't had a chance to check one out yet but I think I need to before pulling the trigger on the A45. From some reviews I have read it seems to boot much faster than the A45 as well.

    I don't have any interest in wifi or balanced output but for that price who cares. Has anyone had the chance to demo the XDP-30R?
    Last edited: Feb 5, 2018
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