Sony NW-A40 Series NW-A45/A46/A47

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by bizkid, Jul 11, 2017.
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  1. cagas
    Any reviews on SQ ? i just got mine, clarity soundstage is decent. (wouldnt consider myself an audiophile) but compared to my PHA-1A, the bass impact and thump seems lacking, esp in classic rock with drum solos. This is my first DAP though so i cant compare to anything than my Galaxy S8.
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  2. themindfreak
    Compared to my LG V20, it does indeed lack bass impact and depth however the staging is wider and treble is much more emphasized which sometimes stings my ears if the track has been mastered hot
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  3. castleofargh Contributor
    please try to always specify the IEM/headphone used when you make such comments. it doesn't always help if we know nothing about said IEM, but a lot of confusion can be avoided when we do.
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  4. cagas
    My bad..that was my first post in Using Beyerdynamic Custom One Pro and 1More Triple driver. Variety of genres from Jazz to Classic Rock, all FLAC or ALAC files.
    I noticed the missing "thump" drum beat impact when i switched over to Sony's PHA-1A (wm8740 dac) on the same songs. But clarity and soundstage seems better on the A45.

    Any one here know how to get the bluetooth to auto-connect to my car system? Previously using my phones to connect to car audio, it will auto connect everytime i start the car. But A45 i have to enter settings menu to reconnect. I don't switch off but it goes to "sleep". Peugeot 208 standard audio.
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  5. thewusman
    Mine arrived today from Amazon Japan - 6 days from Japan to South Africa. Very impressed. No duties other than the Amazon deposit and it shipped with DHL.

    Will provide feedback - but so far MQA and Sony 1000xM2 via LDAC (quality mode) sound insanely good. Makes all other bluetooth codecs sound like muddy water in comparison.

    One caveat: EQ and other sound enhancement settings have ZERO effect on the 1000xM2's: ie. no custom EQ adjustments. Hopefully this gets fixed quickly via a firmware update.
  6. Bepli
    it isnt a bug, its supposed to not work over anything but SBC. Its known that it does not work.
  7. thewusman
    Sound enhancements work perfectly on an iPhone on iOS11 using the AAC Bluetooth codec and can be customized using the Sony app.

    I don’t see why LDAC on the DAP can’t as well.
  8. damex
    heyyy... is a40 series have click/pop sound between songs when connected over digital to external device?

    shanling m1 have such issue (i just click next song and it have such weird click/pop. also when frequency change. it is not noticeable over normal usage as DAP on low gain) and it is driving me nuts.. used player for a few days and already want to replace it because it could not be a transport properly :frowning2:

    local sony in vietnam seems to be have a40 series available for 220$~ ... so i think to just go and get it if it is not affected by clicks/pops between songs :wink:
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    The usb dac latency seems like a deal breaker for such an important feature. Does turning off any of the sound enhancements like DSEE help to reduce it?
  10. themindfreak
    From my experience, unfortunately it doesnt help in anway. In fact from my knowledge of reading up all the threads, most DAP (cayin N3 as well) that can act as USB DAC will have this latency delay. I can only think of this USB DAC as an additional feature and nothing more.
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  11. QPLAZM
    I see. Thanks! Really hard to find a dap that ticks all the boxes...
  12. damex
    F9AF7497-3946-4DC5-8936-9B30F8A429A1.jpeg 97092E07-007A-44C4-8CC4-9BA8B10FEEC1.jpeg

    So i got nw-a45 from vietnamese retail.

    Dead silent. No hissing, no popping. Happen to be volume unlocked out of box. Bit Perfectly outputs to my pha3. No issues like with shanling m1. Gonna sell that little cursed shanling player or try to return it back (shop refuse).

    Is there any firmware updates yet? Mine came with 1.0 firmware and there is three high res songs preloaded.
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  13. themindfreak
    As of now, there aren't updates I know of. Anyways you can always check through the official sony website to see for any firmware update.
  14. damex
    i would like to add some information about cover and tag support - people can easily just sync itunes folder to MUSIC folder on microsd but for covers to work - jpeg images should NOT be in progressive mode to be displayed on player.

    there is many tools that can do that - i used jpegtran.

    tl;dr nw-a40 does not support progressive jpeg for album covers
  15. HAWX
    I am glad to hear A40 has the similar sound chracteristic with A30 unfotunately. Very deep bass was lacking, mid bass was boosted, treble is hot, very highs are cut. If It was so much better than the A35 I would be very dissapointed and could not afford to A45 or new dap every year.

    Here is what I write about A35 in the A30 forum. It got drown out because thousents of not useful mesaages and chit chatting happens all the time in Head fi, but I am quoting again:

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