Sony NC10 & HD545 reduced!
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Feb 25, 2002
Just noticed the NC-10's on the net brand new for about $130. I'm reducing my price to just $60. Also my Sennheiser HD545 phones will go for $50- that includes shipping.

My previous post: I Have a lightly used pair of NC10's to sell. I will be upgrading to the ER4S phones soon. Wife has a pair of ER6 and they sound very good! Used these NC-10's the last 3 months of my "traveling days" (4 flights a week ) and don't use them much anymore. Just purchased a set of HD600's but now want something of same quality for portable. I have owners manual, and the airline adapter that came with these. I do not have the original Sony "leatherette" bag - it was worthless anyway. These are in excellent shape and I paid $175+. I will sell for $60 or BO and pay shipping. I will ship in a small plastic "hard case" that I used to keep these little guys safe in. Thanks

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