Sony NC-500d aren't keeper, looking for suggestions
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Dec 31, 2012
Hi there,
I've been runing my ATh-m50 for 3 or 4 years now with great result. They are starting to fall appart a little (cord and earpads) and i'm telling myself it's time for a change.
On the boxing day i got myselft Sony MDR-nc-500d for a cheap price on fs website. I couldn't listen to them , but i figured out that 400$ headphone can't sound bad.
Got them today and i gave them some ab test. They need alot more power than an ipod touch 4th gen can get me and they also distort bad when i hook them to 3 differents amplifier in home. They sure didn'T get any broken in process but i'm not expecting anything good after a 1h listen session. Sound seems more distant than with the audio technika.
So the bad
1) power hungry or extremly quiet
2)Distort alot with power (compared to m-50)
3)Arent' even comparable to the M-50 which are tripple less expensive
4)Confortable tho... real light
I guess they are priced that high because of the digital noise canceling, which ain't important to me as most of the time i use the headphone while walking or at home.
With a budget around 200$, what model to get?
i need
2)Bass heavy as i'm into rnb and rap alot
3)Sound quality over atk-m50 (i'm upgrading afterall)
4)Can get at high level without distortioning
thanks in advance, i've search a little but i haven'T found what's for me

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