Sony MDR-V6 VS. MDR-V7506
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Dec 15, 2006
I am looking for a full sized pair of closed headphones to do some audio editing and monitoring at home. These may make it out into the filed at some point so folding up and being durable are a plus. I all ready have a pair of shure SLC4's for portability and sennheiser 650's headphones for playback. At this point I am using the C4's but I find taking them in and out all the time to talk to my wife annoying. The IEM fit changes the sound and I want something more consistant for farting around the house. Looking for a "industry standard" kind of sound that I can mix with and trust on being balanced, critical and honest. It is coming down to the MDR-6V and MDRV-7506. They seem like an industry standard, reasonably priced, and my cat is less likely to eat the coiled cord. That's rite an audio dork with a wire eating cat. Rite now I just use the headphone out of my laptop but am about the pull the trigger on a portable amp/dac to go along with this set up. But I prefer that these headphones don't need an amp.

So what is the difference between these two headphones? Any recommendations? Any other options I should be looking in the100$ range? Thanks for the info, this site is great, and I can't wait to get to 50 posts.
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Proved that despite its huge size the CD3000 can be shoved down one's throat.
Jul 31, 2002
Some people swear they are the same, at least they uses the same drivers, to my ears there are slightly differences, not only cosmetic, but maybe due the better matching of the drivers, not big deal the 7506 are supposed to be the ro version, with matched drivers, and golden plug, but the V6 is basically the same headphone...they were used for long time and were the standard in recording studios, now they use other models, Ultrasone 2500, 750, some AKG models...etc...but they are more expensive.

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