Sony MDR-V6 replacement pads
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Oct 31, 2020
I'm looking for a replacement set of earpads for my Sony MDR-V6. I've been digging around past Head-Fi posts, and so far the consensus seems to be the Beyerdynamic DT-250 velour pads or these from B&H. I'm looking for something a bit deeper than stock, but not comically so (I still need them to fold up and all that), that wouldn't change the sound too much. My ears are small but stick out a fair bit, so the stock pads aren't very comfortable (and yet I've used them until the foam fell out). Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Image of the sadness:

Also, because two newbie questions are always better than one, does anyone sell a connector that could fit where the cable goes into the MDR-V6? I love having 10 feet of coiled cable, but it's a bit much sometimes (especially when your cable is a bit messed up). It would be nice to just have a locking 1/8" or something to slot in there. I may end up doing some 3d printing work to get around this just for a bit of fun.

I'm a bit new to all this, so I do apologize for kinda basic questions. Gotta start somewhere :)
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