Sony MDR-SA5000: how to replace earcups?
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May 16, 2015
Hi, guys. Quick intro. I'm sort of new here, but not really. I used to post here quite heavily but have since forgotten my user name and password. I've owned several of what I consider high end headphones including Beyerdynamic DT770 (the 280 ohm version I believe), Sennheiser 590, and also the Sony MDR-SA5000.
So here's my question. Does anyone have a guide, preferably with pictures, for replacing the SA-5000 earcups? Also, are other earcups compatible? I'm thinking something with velour since those are easier to clean. If not, I can get the original SA-5000 earcups. I haven't used the SA-5000s in several years. I've babied them and put them into storage. I was cleaning up the place and found them again and wish to gift them to my fiancee. However, the leather in the earcups have deteriorated quite a bit. The owner's manual says to send the headphones back to a Sony repair place for earcup replacement. I've found the earcups available for purchase either as OEM or as a knock off (I say knock off because the OEMs are 100+ and the knock offs are about 4.99). 

Your help is much appreciated. These headphones are basically perfect condition if it weren't for the earcups that are degrading in some areas of the leather. I've tested them and they sound perfect on a headphone amp.

Thanks in advance.

Also, if this is not the right place for asking this question, mods, please move this thread to the correct place. Sorry if I posted in the wrong forum. The last time I was here, the forums looked way different, and it was around 2003.

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