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Sony MDR R10 - Number 0808 Mint and boxed - arrived today :)

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by zardon, May 4, 2012.
  1. zardon
    Well I have been hunting for a totally mint pair of R10's now for 2-3 years. And I finally was offered a chance by a very nice older gentleman in Hong Kong who was selling his pair. They have hardly been used and came with all the extras, in the leather box.
    They only arrived earlier today and I spent some time with leather and wood treatment, bringing them back up to shine.
    I only listened to them for a few minutes on my modded RS B52 and they sound fantastic. Not 'bass heavy', but certainly a little more bass than my earlier 3xx set which my buddy Frank is restoring/recabling for me.
    I got spare pads, foam and all the accessories with this set so they will be used to help the troubled older set I have.
    I thought id share a few pictures of these as I cant remember feeling this happy in a very long time !
    Took the pics with my Nikon D3X and rescaled them down as they are rather large in original format.
    ACC_2579_DxO.jpg ACC_2582_DxO.jpg
    ACC_2586_DxO.jpg ACC_2588_DxO.jpg
    ACC_2590_DxO.jpg ACC_2593_DxO.jpg
    ACC_2595_DxO.jpg ACC_2597_DxO.jpg
    ACC_2604_DxO.jpg ACC_2606_DxO.jpg
    ACC_2610_DxO.jpg ACC_2613_DxO.jpg
    ACC_2614_DxO.jpg ACC_2615_DxO.jpg
    ACC_2617_DxO.jpg ACC_2619_DxO.jpg
    ACC_2620_DxO.jpg ACC_2621_DxO.jpg
    ACC_2623_DxO.jpg ACC_2626_DxO.jpg
    ACC_2629_DxO.jpg ACC_2630_DxO.jpg
    ACC_2635_DxO.jpg ACC_2637_DxO.jpg
    ACC_2638_DxO.jpg ACC_2641_DxO.jpg
  2. rudi0504
    Congratulation for your Sony R 10 collection

    This Sony R 10 is very rare and vintage collection

    I wish one day can get the good condition Sony R 10 like yours :D
  3. rgs9200m
  4. zardon
    It is always a good sign when you say 'ill go listen to them for 5 minutes before dinner' then realise about 45 minutes later that you lost track of time.
    Toumani Diabate and the Mande Variations. What an experience that was! Time to try and rescue my dinner now!
  5. Windsor
    What a find Zardon! Wishing you health to enjoy your new R10. :)
  6. attilahun
    Amazing find and outstanding purchase!
    I've heard Ray Samuels' pair with his B52 and it's a perfect match.
  7. zardon
    Thank you both.
    Funnily enough I was just chatting with Ray about that last week in email and he said its one of his favourite pairings. He has good taste. I heard he likes to listen at pretty high sound levels, right?
    I actually like it at a more moderate level although ive really sensitive hearing. More a curse than a blessing really as I have to wear special earpads sometimes to sleep as even the slightest noise in the distance can keep me awake.
  8. MEDO
    sure this great pair of headphones despite the high price, but always wonder why sony stopped manufacturing the MDR R10 ??!
    very nice picture BTW
  9. Amarphael
    Incredible. This can actually be referred as one of those 'once on a lifetime' cases.  
    I can't imagine how much dough a pair of true NIB R10's goes for... Some people would probably be willing to kill for it... [​IMG]
  10. HelloHell
    This is absolutely beautiful. Congratulations on the successful hunt. I would've probably done a similar hunt if I didn't invest way too much in photography gear...
  11. n3rdling
    Really nice :)
  12. Toxic Cables
    Those Look amazing Allan,  i am listening your other pair as i type and these sound amazing [​IMG]
  13. SaiSai
    Damn! I should take my chance and listen to them. How wrong I am! ^^
  14. MorbidToaster

    Demand was really low. Nobody was buying, but now everyone wants one. :wink:
  15. Lan647
    Wow, never seen pictures of a pair in a condition like that. Easily the most beautiful headphone I've ever seen. Congrats! :D

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