Sony MDR-Q55SL: Does anybody know how they sound?
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Judging by the MDR-Q55SL being a cheaper version of the MDR-Q33SL (why is Sony confusing us now with its numbering system, just like Sennheiser did with its HD 590 versus HD 580?), don't expect any better sound than what comes out of the craptastic Q33.
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I've read that thread! Let's just say that though the Japanese-market versions sound decent for such low-end Sony headphones, I hope that Sony doesn't bastardize the sound of the U.S.-market versions of the MDR-Q55LP by cheaping out on the transducers that they use.

Apr 24, 2003 at 2:37 AM Post #6 of 6
As of the beginning of this month (April 2003), the Sony MDR-Q55SL (all three styles of that 'phone) is now officially available in the USA - and in the original "SL" form (with very short, remote-friendly 1-foot cord plus a longer 3-foot extension) rather than "LP" form (with a fixed 4- or 5-foot cord). This is unlike the MDR-Q22, which was first heard from as a Japanese-market "SL"-form model, is available in the USA in the "LP" version.

Speaking of the availability of these new Sony clip-ons, Circuit City carries all of them, and Best Buy carries only the MDR-Q22LP. The Q55SL/A.I.R. that I purchased today out of impulse, however, I purchased from my local Target discount department store - the same place where Steve999's favourite cheap headphone, the Philips SBC-HP170, is sold.

All I can say about the Q55SL/A.I.R. is that it delivers more bass than other recent 'stylish' Sony w.ears or Street Styles could ever produce. However, the sound quality out of the box is better suited to "Duh-m-basses" than to audio enthusiasts like me. (Note that this applies only to the A.I.R. version; the S.L.D. and L.Q.D. versions sound slightly different. This is due to the differences in the housing design for each of the three styles of the Q55SL's.)

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