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Sony MDR-G45

    So I just got a pair of Sony MDR-G45's and they are great. But now, I have a couple of questions.

    1. What can I do to improve these phones?? (like mods or EQ tips)
    2. Do I need to burn these in? I normally listen to them at 50% on my 2nd gen touch, and how long would be a good burn-in time??

    Thanks, and if you are looking for great $15 phones, these are great.

    Also, a noobish question. What would one categorize these as, cans or phones?and full, or clip on??

    Sony - Street Style Behind-the-Neck Headphones - MDRG45LP - BestBuy
  2. moraleslos
    Hmm.. started listening to a pair of these that were on clearance for $10.00 and all I can say is, after 72 hours of burn-in, they're just ordinary headphones.  The JVC Flats are much better than these, that's for sure.
  3. garbisdarie
    hello.i have a problems with my sony mdr G45's , looks like when i plugged them into my tv , something crashed , because when i want to listen with them to my mp3 player , the sound sucks , i mean i can't get all the sounds played and when I plug them into my TV(tryed even with my stereo system = failed ) the sound is better than ever...can you guys give any advice of what should i do?cause they are ensured no more , so i can't get the money or the same model back , 
                                                    Thank You.
  4. Ymmot
    I still have this. All I did was, change the cushion of G45 with JVC flat. And it feels and sounds way better.
    JVC flat is great headphone too in the sense of its performance. Not for built quality. I bought JVC flat twice and both of them broken easily.
    Here is how it looks like



  5. canuckaudioguy
    Hi there,
    I have a pair of these headphones. At first, they sounded pretty bland - very midrange strong with poor bass. However, I have applied equalization to them and GREATLY improved the sonics! It goes from sounding low-fi to some fairly decent headphones. At least, for the price. Below is the EQ curve I have applied. If you have a pair of these, try this out, I think you'll be impressed with the sonics of them afterwards.
    31Hz +1.5
    62Hz +1
    125Hz -1.5
    250Hz -0.5
    500 Hz +/- 0
    1kHz -1
    2kHz -1
    4kHz -2.5
    8kHz +0.5
    16kHz +1.5
    The fidelity sounds much closer to the real thing after this. It may need some tweaking to suit your ears, but I think this EQ curve should make a dramatic improvement regardless. No, they won't turn into something they are not, because they are definitely still limited, but the midrange sounds far more natural like this. It makes them, at least, listenable.
    Give it a try if you have a pair of these laying around!

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