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Sony MDR-EX800ST?

  1. roanmy
    So, I have the Ultimate Ears 700, and I do like them. However, they are frail, and I do not think they'll last much longer, and I'd like something better. Also, while I like UE 700's sound, they're a little lacking in bass.
    So I heard about the MDR-7550/MDR-EX800ST, and they seem good. Anyone have any experience with them, especially in comparison to the UE 700?
    Thanks for any input. :)
    Also, do they leak a lot of sound? My UE 700's keeps it from leaking, which is important when I'm in study hall at my Uni.
  2. Haonan

    Some previous dedication discussion threads has been around for the MDR-EX800ST/MDR-7550 models, maybe you can spend some time and look into them. Feel free to PM me if you have other questions, I will try to answer them if I can.

    As for UE700R, although I don't own these but from the time I tried them out at my local stores they do have the typical TWFK kind of balanced armature sound. Very decent-sounding but lean bass, but it's not really what I would call a pair of very musical involving IEMs for me. I own the Fischer Audio DBA-02 v1 before which are also based on TWFK drivers like the Ultimate Ears UE700, so yeah if you ask me I think I do prefer the EX800ST over my previous DBA-02. They also have a much deeper, and more visceral kind of bass qualities mostly associated with high-end dynamic IEM models. (though in terms of quantity, there's no booming amount of quantity like some IEMs out there, but just the right amount of tight and clean bass response you would hear as presented as accurately in the original track music, as these are meant for usage as professional studio in-ear monitors)

    Hope the above helps.

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