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Sony MDR-EX800ST alternative?

  1. roanmy
    I recently acquierd the Sony MDR-EX800ST, and while I do love them, they leak a bit more sound than I can have at certain arenas.
    Therefore I was wondering if anyone had a recommendation of a pair of IEM's with a similar sound?
  2. Inks
    Vsonic GR07 MKII
    Similar sound, but actually a bit better IMO. 
    Though IME, EX800STs don't leak as long as you place them in deep, but their isolation is average. 
  3. lee730
    In terms of sound staging though the GR07s are lacking quite a bit in comparison to the MDR-7550s. Also the treble is more aggressive on them IMO. I also prefer the bass quality and quantity of the MDR-7550s. To be honest I just find the MDR-7550s to be superior to the GR07 lol. But weighting your pros and cons the GR07 will have better isolation most definitely. You must be listening quite loud if your IEMs are leaking noise. Do you mean the noise is bothering other people? If that is the case I'm wondering if you should really consider Custom IEMs if you are really after isolation as well (which tends to lead to lower volume listening and in the end is better for your hearing in the long run).
  4. Seekky
    7550(EX800) > GR07
  5. Inks
    7550s do have a wider soundstage, both on par in imaging though. 
    Bass is tighter on the GR07, but 7550 rumbles more and has more midbass. I prefer the GR07's bass because it allows a bit more clarity.
    Mids are very similar, but GR07's are a bit more transparent, a bit less warmth, clearer. 
    Both have lower treble spikes, but the GR07's is more noticable. IMO 7550's spike is noticable, but not really aggressive, while the GR07's will really show some sibilance, but never overbearing. What makes the GR07s treble simply better is the airyness, the 7550 rolls off earlier, so less airy and detailed.
    that is why GR07>7550 by a bit. 

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