Sony MDR-1A - Sony's latest update on the 1R

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by xero1, Sep 6, 2014.
  1. iancraig10
    Mine slightly creaks with jaw movements so I mustn’t eat while listening!

    What I love about them is just how comfortable they are to wear. (As well as the sound)
  2. Bepli
    creaks and squecks can be fixed pretty easily. Sony uses rubber rings for the hinges and if you open the headphone and pull them out and clean them they will be silent again. I did this after my Z7 and 1A had some dust get into the hinges. After cleaning it they are silent again. I am doing this every 3 months or so because its just nicer to here nothing when moving.
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  3. TooFrank
    A1842154-185C-456B-900C-8D7E8D30C5DA.jpeg Have any of you tried the special cable MUC-S12SM1? Not sure of the availability, but to my ears it is really an improvement sound wise. Especially bass becomes much tighter.
  4. Rogue-OP
    How do these headphones fair for studio use & music production?
  5. iancraig10
    I don’t think studios would use them for anything critical. Not closed enough and a too warm sound signature.
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  6. Mark Up
    I respect your take on that, the Samson Z55 is more for flat reference. It lacks a bit of subs for me. In my studio I use the Sony MDR-Z7, for warm sound on harsher stuff and EMU Teak for a little more highs and lower subs. The Bose QC35 is my noise cancelling pair. Only good with NR on, similar to my MDR-1A. With NR, off they're too boxy. The MDR-1A is my portable passive. I prefer their extra lows, warm high mids, and more than enough treble. I like to mix / master on my monitors and custom sub.

    The cans are for when I want a different perspective, or for remote stuff, with my laptop. I'd done work swapping between my two main phones. The MDR-1A would work also. Only the Bose super isolate. The MDR-1A is second, and isolates good enough usually. I haven't tried them in loud traffic or planes and I don't mix in those kinds of places anyway. The MDR-Z7 is third, very vented, but not true semi-open. The EMU Teak is even more open and just shy of what you hear through a semi-open phones.

    I have a thin hard case the MDR-1A fold flat into with a pocket for cables and space for the stock ear pads which are soft but not quite deep enough. I put Audio Technica MSR7 ear pads on. They fit perfect, just wrap them around the ear cup vs. trying to align it with how the other attaches. Similar thickness, firmer but still comfortable, they increase space so your ears don't touch the inner pad edges or driver. A more spacious sound, mids and mid bass a bit clearer, sub bass is as good or better than stock.
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  7. lasttodie
    Got my second pair of the 1A's today, bought the black ones 2 years ago and got the silver ones today for a 100$ brand new.
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  8. iancraig10
    You’ve only one head you know!

    Or just two colours for different makeup? :wink:
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  9. Mark Up
    You should try these pads. $9.00, genuine pads, sold and shipped in America. They really make these more comfortable and spacious sounding (better treble, no lost bass). Once you remove the others you just slip these so the inner edge wraps around the ear cup area. You can't slip it anywhere and it won't snap in place over the plastic things that the perforated stock pads do, but it works fine, and they seem to isolate even better. They take these to the next level of audiophile quality, while staying fun to listen to.
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  10. DavidA
    Can you post a picture on how they look mounted to the MDR-1A?
  11. Mark Up
    Sure, here are two with them on at different angles. Another with them in their hard case with the stock pads sandwiched between.
  12. DavidA
    @Mark Up , thanks for the pictures, they actually look better than the stock pads. Where the best place to get the pads?
  13. Mark Up
  14. DavidA
  15. Mark Up
    No problem dude. It's all good.

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