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  1. DavidA
    The DT-150 is quite comfortable but it does get hot for me after an hour or so, and it was a few years old so I don't know how the pads changed over time. One closed headphone that is non-fatiguing in the highs is the SRH-1540 but I don't think its that great with electronic music since its a little too polite IMO. The Nighthawk is a rather interesting headphone since it can be fatiguing to some but to me its quite dark but there is treble way up there so I think it depends on the individual. My hearing is limited to 16-17khz while my GF can still hear up to 20.5khz and she noticed the treble on the Nighthawk with some tracks.

    If you are looking at the TH-900 then you might also want to check out the Atticus and Eikon, a friend who has all three told me that the Eikon should be on my list for headphones that I should try.
  2. obsidyen
    Have you tried DT 1770? If not, do it. I like my TH-610 a lot but they are semi-open and don't isolate very well.
  3. BenKatz

    No, but they're a complete different animal. The DT 1770 is a whole lot more heavy than the 1A, is over double the price, and is 250 OHM vs 48 OHM. Not portable unless you really force it. DT1770 are rather a closer rival to the Z7, which was excellent. But they're still harder to drive (z7- 60ohm) and don look as nice (although that's subjective). Also, the DT 1770 are marketed as a studio headphone, while the Z7 is tuned specifically for listening and enjoying music (not saying in any way the beyerdynamics don't sound great).

    So in short, completely different animals/categories. They fulfill different purposes, and are not nearly as portable friendly or easily driven (or comfortable due to the immense weight difference) than the MDR 1A.
  4. WoodyLuvr
    I too tried to like the PM-3s but actually found them uncomfortable and preferred the sound way more from the H6 and bought those instead. Now looking for a really, really comfortable can for lengthy, non-critical listening that are not fatiguing. I think the MDR-1A may be it. Need to demo them and the MDR-Z7s again and a few others still.
  5. obsidyen
    I agree they're not great for commute but for office use, DT 1770 is great in my opinion. And don't let the 250 ohm scare you, they are rather efficient and can be driven with a small portable amp (Dragonfly, Meridian Explorer, even Macbook Pro can drive them). DT 1770 is indeed marketed as studio headphone but it has a very fun and enjoyable tuning.
  6. slowpickr
    I have the MDR-1As and enjoy them pretty well. Another alternative to the MDR-1A could be the Audio Technica ATH-WS1100is. Someone compares the two in one of the Amazon reviews. According to the review, the AT has a little less bass and is more detailed. I think it's semi-open though so it might leak sound. Looks really nice though for around $145.
  7. Q Mass
    Hi folks,
    Apologies for asking this but I haven't yet worked out how to search the new website(this thread) for what I need.

    I recently bought some 1A's and am finding the pads a little sweaty, so I've been trying to find some alcantara pads to fit.
    Anyone know where to get some affordable pads of a similar size/shape to the supplied ones, which have at least the inner and 'face' surfaces done in alcantara or similar material?

    My first impressions are that I think I like the 1A's quite a lot better than my AKG 553 pro's due to the increase in bass.
    Comfort is great other than the slighly sweaty pads.

    I did look through the thread for quite a while, but only found Vesper (£90 for ESP 950 pads makes me thing that custom alcantara's from them will cost a fortune, am I right?), and Brainwavs via amazon (velour not alcantara, and look a lot thicker that OEM's).

    Are there any other options?
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  8. iancraig10
    Now you have me wondering what the Alcantara pads would sound like. I have some here on a T50.
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  9. DavidA
    One pad that might work is SRH-1540 alcantara pads, a little larger than the stock A1 pads but will need some old 1A pads for installing the 1540p pads on them. I also have a set of SRH-1840 alcnatara pads but I don't have a way of trying them on the 1A. Any suggestions?
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  10. Q Mass
    Thanks for the suggestion.
    I have yet to attempt to remove my 1A's pads, so can't suggest how best to fit the SRH-1840 pads to yours.
    I confess that I incorrectly assumed that they would just come off in a similar manner to the pads of my T50 RP.
    I see from here [ ] that they might be slightly more demanding, and require the removal of a plastic 'mounting plate' from the original pads as you suggest.
    My 'phones are practically brand new, so I'm reluctant to destroy the pads which are still good.

    Do you have plastic mounting plates from old 1A pads that you could use with the 1840 pads?
    If you do I guess that it would be a case of having to fit the plates into the 1840 pads, then cutting slots to allow the mounting clips through the 1840 fabric?
    Obviously, I am a noob to pad rolling, so please forgive my suggestion if it's as useless as I suspect it is!

    I will know more once I've identified pads that I can use, and attempted to fit them.

    Perhaps a ring of blu-tac around the edge of the headphone cup/pad mounting plate would provide enough of a seal to at least hear how they'd affect the sound sig'?

    Listening to these ATM (Tidal Masters Series):
    BBC Late Junction Sessions: Unpopular Music
    Drilling An Ocean For You - AGF and Gudrun Gut
    Citius Altius - Simon Fisher Turner and Martin Baker
  11. DavidA
    While I've had my MDR-1A for a while they get little use so the original pads are still like new and like you I don't want to destroy them yet to try the SRH-1840 pads.
    your suggestion about cutting slots is okay but since I can still use the SRH-1840 pads on my SRH-1840 doesn't make it a viable solution at the moment so I'll have to do some thinking to see how I can get it done.
  12. Bepli
    Someone of you know where I can get a balanced cable for the 1A ? From 3.5mm to the new 4.4mm. I dont wanna spend 200 € to get the Sony KimberKable one.
  13. DavidA
    I don't know how much cheaper but Forza, Double Helix, Best In The Verse, and Moon Audio would be able to build them for you. An alternative is DIY, probably the cheapest option.
  14. Rozzko
    Hi every one!
    I am trying to find any velour pads on MDR-1A, but i cant find it! I am from Russia and its not so much stores with velours pads! i find that some pads frome another models fits our MDR-1a! Does MDR 7596 pads fit us? i find one good pad velour on aliexpress , want to buy it and try! Can someone tell me , does it fits MDR-1a? can i buy it?
  15. Realism
    These headphones are supreme and reigns over all when it comes to certain metal and a good portion of hip-hop music due to its heavy warmness.

    However, when listening to more relaxed new-age world music these simply doesn't get the job done. In fact, I find them very disappointing because of the lack of clarity.

    Oh well, I guess it's back to the search.

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