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  1. monika.chr
    haha I don't own them(they're my dream iem), but I audition them extensively. So I can give you some ideas based on my demo section. JE and the Z1R are really different sound signature iems and great sounding in their own ways. Basically, I will say JE sound more natural and have a more 'monitor like' sound, even the 'club sound' version JE have really well-controlled bass, the strength is coherent and smoothness here, it's that kind of iem that won't impress you at the first glance, but when you listen to it in long period you will find it an all-rounder and really comfortable sound. Also, the JE is much easier to drive than the Z1R. The Z1R is the more musical one with punchier, more dynamic and exciting sound, the soundstage is far superior and treble extend better than the JE, which can immediately impress you technicalities wise.
  2. audionewbi
    I just hooked the Z1R to Calyx M, the good old trusty Calyx M, I think the bottleneck is the WM1A.
  3. gerelmx1986
    Even at high gain on t he balanced side?
  4. nanaholic
    Extremely unlikely. The Calyx M is less powerful than the WM1A.

    Perhaps you just don't like the resulting sound from the pairing?
  5. audionewbi
    For the same track I'm at 110/120 on WM1A on low gain since high gain produces so much hiss. On Calyx M I got the slider just passed the 50% slide position.
  6. noplsestar
    I also have the Calyx m. So they have a good synergy?
  7. nanaholic
    That doesn't sound normal at all considering the power output of the WM1A. Are you using the SE? Or perhaps the unit is defective?
  8. toughnut
    How does it fare against FW10K in your opinion? In term of scalability? Since you tested them on quite a variety of higher end gear.
    Last edited: Feb 25, 2019
  9. audionewbi
    I'm using 4.4mm balance out, and for calyx M single ended.
    I don't think my WM1A is defected as it is plenty loud for M9.

    So far the synergy is great. I haven't paired it with FW10000, will do this coming weekend. But so far I love the synergy of R2R2000 with FW10K.
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  10. OverlordRush
    I think your 1A has to be broken, or you listening volume is unusually high, I listen to my z1r with my 1A on 60 low gain, and there isn't any hiss even at high gain.
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  11. nanaholic
    Then something is clearly broken or wasn't plugged in properly.

    The Calyx M when converted only outputs 90mW into 16ohms, the 250mW of the 1A easily trumps that output so there is no way you cannot get enough loudness from the 1A into the Z1R via the balance output.
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  12. Redcarmoose
    Last edited: Feb 25, 2019
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  13. deafdoorknob
    fwiw, the other day my friend had a defective 4.4 cable, the hiss out of his zx300 was almost as loud as the music via andros but the same cable “sounded” hiss free using the less sensitive ex1k. it was only after reterminating the pentatcon did he realise that the ground was soldered together. no more hiss issues since.
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  14. hotteen
    Have not been following the thread but in what range did the price fluctuate? Just curious.
  15. Redcarmoose

    Serial # 124 checking in. Listened to two pair out of a 1Z. One pair fresh and one pair with 200 hours. True that burn-in would have to be big deal here!

    Used 3.5mm single ended with 200 hour pair and 4.4 mm 5 pole Pentaconn with the fresh pair. Settings on the DAP Firmware 2.0 and direct. I use Sony Hybrid tips in “L” for basically everything and use them here. The two included cables were used.

    Purchased my pair blind without a demo of any kind. I simply somehow knew I’d like them. Paid $1758.00 OTD.

    They ARE hard to drive to be their best, but still do amazingly fine from a phone.

    Fit was totally perfect, they are way smaller than in the pictures. Air-tight fit was easy. Nice natural soundstage with a soft and laid back texture that still provided any dynamics the music went to. They were not quite as midcentric with guitars on my metal recordings where a upfront mix makes things a little more entertaining. With that said they actually complement the Noble Encore in that regard. I played a range of music and found they were easy to listen to with everything.

    They come off as one of, or even THE VERY BEST IEMs I’ve ever heard and even better after 200 hours.Your gas mileage may be different. Lol

    They really do all genres amazingly well. Just a polite and carefully painted response, refined and accurate. EDM was a little warm and slighly smoothed out, which I like. Still everything was in it’s place like listening to really nice speakers in a room with nothing amiss. Probably get more review for them later with the TA desktop?

    I have no comparisons sorry. Bigger and more robust sounding than the Z5. For what it’s worth, the IER-Z1R comes off a worthy successor to their IEM flagships. They are moving down the road with the new Sony house sound adding maturity and improvements. IMO Still the house sound is there in a slightly refined and expanded soundstage way?

    Had the Noble Khan right in front of me but didn’t give it a try, never heard the Solaris. No strange high treble or alien buzzing here in this part of town?

    In ending burn-in is huge! If you don’t believe......I don’t know, you may find out?

    I’m pretty happy I waited and waited and didn’t buy anything else. My genres of choice are classic rock, electro, OSTs and metal.
    Last edited: Feb 26, 2019
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