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  1. BananaOoyoo
    I think our disagreement on the Atlas is pretty clear and has come up before, so I’ll just say that I find there to be a huge difference in bass quality between the two, and for those who don’t want to drop the extra $500-1000, IEMs like the Xelento, T8ie, and Hyla tri-hybrids exist.

    Failure is a bit harsh. However, Atlas isn’t really competitive in its own price bracket, let alone head-to-head against one of the best IEMs available today.
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  2. anarch1st
    A2A in Australia has the IER-Z1R for $1750 AUD ($1184 USD). I'm still on the fence myself because I feel like I might have fit issues (friendhad none and loved it). Messaged the friend who's been waiting for a sale on these for the past few months to place an order and I'll probably be able to get a nice demo out of them myself then.
    Last edited: Nov 27, 2019
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  3. BananaOoyoo
    Damn that’s a good deal
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  4. anarch1st
    Pretty crazy when that's about as much as what the M9 goes for in the US. Even with them discounting the M9 to $800 USD (slight increase from their lowest of $740 USD), it's tempting to just drop another $400 for the TOTL (if it works for you). Then they've got the M7 at $370 USD...
    Last edited: Nov 27, 2019
  5. BananaOoyoo
    I’ve seen the M7 and M9 go at comparable prices in Korea, but the cheapest BNIB Z1R here was $1400ish.

    $1185 is pretty close to used prices locally
  6. Gilles De Rais
    There's one less pair available now....:smile_phones:
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  7. rurika
    Another one less pair available ...
    Last edited: Nov 28, 2019
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  8. nc8000 Contributor
    That is about half the actual retail price in Denmark
  9. Damz87
    I’ve bought all my gear from A2A when they’ve had these sales. They are awesome!
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  10. rurika
    Yeah, at that price it's instant buy to me. Got IER-Z1R ..still itchy for Utopia.
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  11. extract
    They also have a 10% voucher code because of the black friday sale - BFCM , which brings the price down to $1,574.98 AUD.
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  12. anarch1st
    Thanks! Ordered for ~$1070 USD shipped to a mate's place. Can't listen to them for another 2 months until I come back from Canada though...the agony is real.
  13. Peter Ruby
    Wow. Some good deals in this thread.

    Nice to see more people buying these IEMs. They’re flat out amazing.
  14. Tristy
    Wow... they ship to the uk?
  15. Tristy
    only ship to Aus
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